Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Quarterfinals: Britain's Stalker Upset By Mongolia's Uranchimeg

Denis Berinchyk of Ukraine (seen here in earlier competition) is on to the semifinals after a win over Australia's Jeff Horn today. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Bronze medals are guaranteed for today's winners in the light welterweight quarterfinals. Here are the full results from this afternoon in London. Our live coverage continues here with the light heavyweights next.

[ Afternoon Results: Light Flyweight Quarterfinals ]
[ Morning Results:
Women's Semifinals ]
Full London 2012 Boxing Coverage ]

Roniel Iglesias (Cuba) def. Uktamjon Rahmonov (Uzbekistan), 21-15: Iglesias was down after one, but took the second, 12-4. That was the difference. Iglesias has a lot of talent, but he looked vulnerable here, and the last round really wasn't even, despite the score. It was a bit closer than the final, but Iglesias' huge second round (which also sapped his energy) was enough to win legit.

Vincenzo Mangiacapre (Italy) def. Daniyar Yeleussinov (Ukraine), 16-12: Mangiacapre got some fortunate scoring in round two, but this wasn't all that big a deal. He won the fight.

Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (Mongolia) def. Tom Stalker (Great Britain), 23-22: Bit of an upset given the home field advantage, but I thought it was scored pretty fair. Uranchimeg did a lot more in the second and third than BBC commentary acknowledged and clearly won the first round, which wound up scored even. Like a lot of fighters so far, Stalker gave his best effort and has nothing to be ashamed of with the loss. I'd say he did himself and his country proud. Uranchimeg is quite good, and Stalker's no slouch himself. Andy Kerr wondered on Twitter if perhaps prior fortunate decisions for British fighters may have affected judges. Maybe, I guess. Why not? Lots of things seem to be in play all the time.

Denis Berinchyk (Ukraine) def. Jeff Horn (Australia), 21-13: Horn had nothing that gave Berinchyk any problem, really. He gave an effort but was outclassed and Berinchyk was too strong for him.

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