Donaire vs. Nishioka, Rios vs. Avocado.....

Hey Guys,

Just a quick rant about the upcoming October card.

1.) Nishioka has got the experience, the guile, the ring IQ, and the trickiness to pull a decision upset.

2.) Nishioka doesn't have enough power to KO Donaire, but he could keep him honest, he could counter punch, he could get that sneaky left in, and his defense is not bad. He has good foot movement too.

3.) Donaire has pretty good power, SUPER fast feet, super fast hands, a ring IQ that's bar none, and the youth advantage too. Donaire operates well as a counter puncher and likes to wait and spot openings and time a counter.

4.) Donaire should have the reach advantage. I wouldn't think he'd have a problem with a southpaw since he's fought them before including Darchinyan, but Nishioka might be the best southpaw, and best boxer that he's ever faced. There is some difference in experience level, but they've both faced world class competition.

5.) It'd be interesting to see if the Super Bantamweight King Nishioka could give Donaire a boxing lesson, but I feel it'll be a competitive back and forth with perhaps a few downs due to Donaire and in the end a UD for Donaire, but heart will be cheering for Donaire.

6.) I think it's significant as an Asian American that this Co-Main Event will be headlined by an Asian American and a Japanese fighter. I'm very excited about that.

Rios vs. Alvarado:

1.) Very excited about this fight. If Rios is 100% then we'll see a non-stop war until the end.

2.) Alvarado to me has the better chin and better punch. He's been fighting at a weight class higher than Rios and has seemed to take better punches than Rios and defeated larger foes. They're both used to being the larger and more powerful opponent, but Rios is used to that role at 135. How will his power and size and strength translate to 140?

3.) I would say Alvarado has a slight edge in defense as I've seen him implement the 'shoulder roll' defense in the Prescott fight. You know Floyd Mayweather has made an impact on boxing around the world when a face first brawler implements the shoulder roll (and Canelo and Abril as well!). Rio's defense when it's on is not bad (pressuring and using a peek a boo and tight guard to deflect punches).

4.) I think the fight comes down to power and durability which I would give to Alvarado b/c I've never seen him down or truly hurt. Rios was hurt by Acosta and I think Alvarado punches a lot dang harder than Acosta.

Alvarado 8th rd. TKO.

See ya later!

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