Chavez Jr vs Martinez: Sergio's Trainer Wants Chavez As Big As Possible

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will have a weight advantage on fight night, and Sergio Martinez's trainer hopes he really packs on the pounds. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

One of the keys to Saturday night's fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Sergio Martinez is expected to be the fight night weights of the two main event combatants. Chavez is well-known to gain huge amounts of weight after making the 160 pound limit, while Martinez puts on far less weight and is, quite frankly, a smaller man.

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But Sergio's trainer Pablo Sarmiento says that the bigger Chavez is, the better for their plan of attack:

"I know he usually weighs 180 to 185 pounds. For me I hope he weighs 190. The heavier that Chavez is on Saturday, the better for us. There will be more for us to hit. That is what we want. He will be there to be hit and he will be slow," Sarmiento told BoxingScene.

Speed is, of course, another big factor, and my guess is that the Martinez team thinks it's a much bigger deal than simple size.

They're probably right about that. The best hope Chavez Jr likely has is to be big but not out of shape -- we've seen both cases. He was in good shape for Lee and Manfredo, but not at all for Rubio in between them. There's been plenty of drama about his training habits on 24/7. Even with this being such a huge fight for Jr, there are some worried he didn't take training any more seriously than usual.

Chavez Jr is going to have trouble with the way Sergio can move and use the ring. The Chavez family -- son and dad -- like to call it "running," but it's not, and deep down they both know it. And they both know that this guy's mobility is going to be a problem for Julio. Even beyond not being the type of guy to use it, Chavez Jr simply isn't that great an athlete for a pro athlete. He's always been kind of stiff and lumbering. He's gotten better, but Martinez is another level there, and I think everyone would agree with that, no matter who you're picking to win.

We will have live weigh-in streaming video tomorrow, too, for those who might be wondering. Our weekend is just now picking up and really starting. We're not even at the race yet, let alone the finish line.

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