Klitschko vs Wach: Mariusz Wach believes he can succeed where others have failed

Stuart Franklin - Bongarts/Getty Images

Mariusz Wach is next in line for Wladimir Klitschko on November 10, and says he knows the weaknesses of the heavyweight champion, and will work to exploit them.

There is no getting around it: Mariusz Wach is a massive underdog on November 10, when he'll face Wladimir Klitschko in Germany for the WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight titles. Like all recent Klitschko opponents (both brothers), few believe he has any chance to win - frankly, I am among those who do not.

But Wach, who is being sold as a viable contender mostly because he is unbeaten and very tall, at least doesn't figure to be physically overmatched to the degree that Jean-Marc Mormeck and Tony Thompson have been this year when sheepishly folding against Wladimir.

And he also believes that he can exploit the weaknesses of Klitschko, and succeed where others have failed:

"Each fighter has his weaknesses, but it is good to know them. His past opponents also knew his weaknesses, but they could not take advantage of them. I also know the weaknesses of Wladimir and I will work hard to [expose them], take him off balance and win the battle."

Wach (27-0, 15 KO) has size that Klitschko (58-3, 51 KO) has really never had to contend with. For once, Wladimir will be across the ring from someone taller than he is.

The problem is, if Klitschko had fought Tye Fields at some point, that also would have been true. Would anyone have picked Tye Fields?

Wladimir's weaknesses are, I suppose, that old unreliable chin of his, which he has learned to protect exceptionally well, using his size and vicious jab to keep foes largely at bay. He's also very adept at tying opponents up when they get closer than he'd prefer. He's become a machine.

Does the 32-year-old Wach, whose best wins are over the aforementioned Fields, Jason Gavern, Kevin McBride, and Julius Long, really have the tools to pull what would be the upset of the year?

Probably not. The only non-foolish hope is that he'll at least really try.

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