Late night musings on Bach and boxing.

I should apologize for this post ahead of time, because I am really quite profoundly drunk.

But, I've recently been trying to explain Bach to someone, and this is not easy to do.

I have a fairly extensive music background: my father was a wonderful keyboardist and baritone; I became, as I was told, one of the best classical guitarists on the East Coast..

But Bach is different from other music. like Chopin or Mozart. His music is terribly complex, but so extraordinarily beautiful. It really defies description, which is, I suppose, why I have been asked to explain it.

This is what I chose to start, a wonderful analysis of Bach's "Little Fugue" in Gm. This is a piano version, very nice and clear in the separation of the voices, but with no real power.

Here is that graphic:

Then, there is the real power of the organ, same piece:

My favorite organist, BTW, is Marie-Clair Alain, a master of Bach.

I think about boxing when I see and hear these things. There is certainly a structure to boxing, especially beautiful boxing.

Boxing is not just athletic ability, and we all know that. It is understanding. as well. I remember when I was preparing to perform several of the Bach lute suites. I just sweat bullets, there was so much to worry about all at once.

There was that structure, the basics of what you do in order to even function, and that a hard, hard thing to earn. Years. Then, there's the inspiration, the artistry, what happens when you get on that stage and know that no one but you will ever be able to do what you a re about to do. And that is a terrible, frightening thing to face.

I think that this is where the existentialism and boxing piece will enter.

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