Amir Khan's next opponent possibly Humberto Soto on April 20

Clive Brunskill

Amir Khan could be returning to the ring on April 20 against Humberto Soto in England.

According to The Ring Magazine's website, negotiations are taking place for Amir Khan to return to the ring on April 20 to face Humberto Soto. The fight, if finalized, would take place in Khan's native country, England.

Soto's manager Michael Miller had this to say:

"I just spoke to Richard Schaefer yesterday. We'll let Amir confirm that he's in, because Soto's in. After that, let's find out what the mathematics are and see if that makes sense. If all of that makes sense, then we're in.

According to the article, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer could not be reached for comment.

If this is what becomes Khan's next fight then consider me disappointed. Lately, we have heard a few names for his next bout, ranging from Paulie Malignaggi to Josesito Lopez. After Khan's previous fight, a one-sided thumping of lightweight fringe contender Carlos Molina, it was hoped he would return to facing elite opposition. These negotiations would refute that.

Soto was a fine fighter in his time, but he is likely on the downswing. His best days were at 130, the fight would likely take place at 140. The last time most of us saw Soto he was getting broken down by Lucas Matthysse last summer on Showtime. I'm not sure what about that performance earned him a shot at Khan but, hey, deserve's got nothin' to do with it and stuff. In fact, I'm pretty sure Soto was turned down by networks as Khan's December return opponent.

If this fight does go through, will Golden Boy force it to Showtime? It would be the second straight Khan showcase-type of fight on the network if they did. The Golden Boy/Showtime relationship has been under some criticism already this year for the proposed Malignaggi/Shane Mosley bout that, thankfully, appears not to be happening because Paulie balked at the money being offered. This Saturday's main event featuring Matthysse against Mike Dallas Jr. has been criticized as well for not being up to premium network standards for a main event. Yes, it was originally meant to be Lundy facing Matthysse, but that wasn't exactly enticing either.

What do you think about this potential fight for Khan?

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