Garcia vs Judah card moving to April 27, questions about Garcia's withdrawal and injury

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Danny Garcia will still face Zab Judah, but the scheduled February 9 bout is moving to April 27. The real question is, why is Garcia withdrawing?

Danny Garcia is officially out of a February 9 Showtime main event with Zab Judah, and reports that the card will move to April 27, including the scheduled undercard fights (Quillin-Guerrero, Jacobs-Lyell, and Salita-Camacho Jr).

But a major question right now is, what's real reason for Garcia's withdrawal? Garcia says he has a rib injury, but DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley, who had been in camp with Garcia, says that it's a thumb injury.


Later Sunday, Garcia went into detail with, saying he injured a rib on his left side during a sparring session with former titleholder DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley on Jan. 19.

"I didn't even really feel it until we were done," Garcia said. "But then I felt pain in my side and then when I was cooling down I couldn't raise my hands over my head. I had a real sharp pain and I couldn't really breathe. I went to the doctor and had an X-ray, and the doctor said I have a bruised rib, a wall contusion."

Corley said this to The Koncrete Jungle:

"Danny threw a body shot toward me, and I put my elbow down to block the body shot, and he caught it on the thumb, the right thumb. He was having problems with it the last week. He was icing it and everything, and had a therapy guy come in there and help him with it, and it would swell up as he continued to spar. So they went to the doctor, and the doctor told him, nah, it's not a good idea to do the fight. Because it's going to get worse."

There is a lot of talk out there that Garcia simply was not in shape, hadn't had a good camp, and has decided to postpone the fight for that reason. With the conflicting injury reports, I think a lot of folks are just chalking it up to that, rather than a legitimate injury. But unless Garcia just flat-out says he wasn't in shape so he postponed the fight, we'll never know if that's the real reason.

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