The Cockiest Champion Ever...

Hello Everyone,

So in my empty contemplations today as I was walking to and fro - well my freakin' car broke down so as I'm walking and busing here and there to my clients - I was thinking... who's was/is the cockiest champion that we've ever seen. I guess I put it under a few qualifications: being really frickin' good in boxing, and having an ego/swag/sense of showmanship that just makes all boxers pale in comparison. Here are a few in no particular order as it's hard to rate:

1.) Hector "Macho" Camacho: He was flashy, talked some good trash, and had exciting entrances.

2.) Lennox Lewis: I don't much about him, but I remember after the Tua fight when asked what happened to Tua, he said "Lennox Lewis happened to him."

3.) Roy Jones Jr. : He was so boastful, and cocky in his prime. He also had strange outfits before Floyd did, and had a lot of tassels.

4.) Sugar Ray Leonard: He had a lot of tassels too. He talked a lot and had a way of carrying himself.

5.) Prince Naseem: Need I say more?

6.) Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Not the cockiest, nor the most flamboyant and brash. However, his dominant victories and the lack of striking personalities in the sport now gives him a real spotlight.

7.) Muhammad Ali: Charismatic, charming, poetic, and a clever trash talking. I think he wrote the book on trash talking and entertaining (I almost feel compelled to place Paulie Malinaggi on this list, or Amir Khan).

8.) Jack Johnson? : I don't know much about him, but I do know that he had confidence and dated white women in the early 1900's which must have angered many people. He's badass.

I dunno. That's all I have on my head for now. Please help add more, and/or explain more about these guys who have egos/performance razz that are bigger than life! :D

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