Fruit Flies and Bachelorhood

This is odd, I know, but when you're retired, and typically drunk, ordinary things strike you as interesting. That's why old guys like me are so boring, and everyone moves away from them in public places.

So, my most exciting event today is that I have flies in my wine.

My most exciting event yesterday was that I finally got my my first delivery from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club. Now I'm not a WSJ kind of guy. I first became eligible to vote in 1973, and I registered as an Independent and have been so until now. Voting has sometimes been exciting, and sometimes not. I remember voting for John Anderson in 1978, instead of Carter. I really had to wonder afterward why I did that. I also voted for (jeez, I can't believe it) Nader. I had at that time persuaded myself that more political parties would be better. Then, I paid closer attention to the Italian Parliament.

so, now I have fruit flies in my wine.

You know, all animals, whether birds, bats, nasty grizzlies, all love booze. But they have a problem, unlike us civilized people. You see, we can just manufacture the stuff. In enormous quantities, if need be. Animals, in their natural and apparently (I don't believe it) wondrous and pristine natural state, are clearly and obviously miserable, and should be killed as as soon as possible.

How do I know this? And I can now buy this stuff online, and never, ever leave my house! Who said we're not already living in Paradise?l

But, I have flies in my wine.

Being a scientist, as I am, and also having flies in my wine, I decided to investigate the correlation between being a scientist and having flies in your wine. it is actually quite strong.

I'll continue this, after the excitement has died down.

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