Bryant Jennings signs with Gary Shaw Productions and Antonio Leonard Promotions

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Bryant Jennings (17-0, 9 KOs) has had his career stalled recently but hopes to amend the situation under the guidance of his new manager James Prince. As Prince has had a good relationship with Gary Shaw and Antonio Leonard in the past, he advised Bryant to sign a co-promotional agreement with them. Jennings was previously promoted by Peltz Boxing and Main Events.

Per a Gary Shaw Productions press release, unbeaten heavyweight contender Bryant Jennings has left Peltz Boxing and Main Events in the aftermath of a fight with Tomasz Adamek not materializing.  Jennings previously elaborated on the situation with BLH:

Now advised by manager James Prince, Jennings will attempt to get his career back on track under the Gary Shaw and Antonio Leonard banner.

Jennings had the following to say:

I'm glad I'm finally moving forward in my career with a great team. Gary Shaw and Antonio Leonard are two great promoters who have been in this sport for many years and have promoted some of the biggest fights in boxing history. I'm ecstatic to be managed by James Prince because he's guided the careers of many world champions and his knowledge as a boxing manager is impeccable. It's truly a blessing to have these experienced gentlemen working on my behalf. I'm ready to take my career to the next level.

Shaw appeared equally pleased and says he's working hard to get Jennings a big fight:

First off I want to say I'm very thrilled to be working side by side with my good friends Antonio Leonard and James Prince. We've worked harmoniously together in the past when we had Corrales and it was an astonishing journey. Now we've come together again with an outstanding heavyweight in Bryant Jennings. From what I've seen, Jennings has the personality and talent to become a star in this sport. He's a very kind young man who brings an exciting style to the heavyweight division. I'm very pleased to add Jennings to our rich history of great fighters here at GSP and I'm working hard with Antonio and James to get him in a big fight. He'll be in the ring very soon.

And Antonio Leonard goes as far as to say that they are confident they will eventually get a fight with the Klitschko brothers, and whip them:

When Gary Shaw and I team up its like dynamite. Whoever we work with is going to be the next superstar in boxing. With Diego Corrales we did amazing things together. I have great respect for Gary Shaw who I started out with, not just as a boxing promoter, but as a loyal friend. I know Bryant Jennings is in the hands of a great promoter with Shaw who cares about his fighters just like I do. Jennings' work ethic is unbelievable and he reminds me lot of Andre Ward. Bryant carries himself with great respect inside and outside of the ring. James Prince along with Gary and me will take this man to the top. I can promise you Jennings will leap to the top of the heavyweight division and will whip the Klitschko brothers. Bryant who hails from Philadelphia will make America proud!

Now naturally a lot of that is just promoter speak, but if any American heavyweight is going to beat the Klitschkos, Jennings' chances are as good as anyone's. Right?

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