"Ring Magazine" Title Policy Change - 1.5 years later, who cares?



Ring Magazine changed their ratings policy in May 2012. At the time, I remember a bunch of people here on BLH were pretty steamed. I think I was too? I don't remember. Short memory!

The Trans-National Boxing Ratings Board sprung up, or TBRB for short. Teddy Atlas champeen'ed it a lot on ESPN Friday Night Fights.

Here we are 1.5 years later.

So what?

Here is a list of all Ring champions

HEAVYWEIGHT, Wladimir Klitscko
Neither BLH nor TBRB disagree.

TBRB and BLH both disagree. Marco Huck should be #1 [but not champion]. I will agree that when Huck went to Heavyweight, it created a strange situation, but Ring magazine responded in an odd way. This was a special case. Who knew if Huck was going to come back down? I won't fault Ring for this.

TBRB has him #1. BLH has Hopkins at #1, with the admission that you could honestly reshuffle Kovalev, Stevenson, and Hopkins in any order #1-#3 and have an argument for it.

TBRB agrees. I'm sure BLH would have him at #1 if he hadn't gone inactive.

MIDDLEWEIGHT, Sergio Martinez
Neither BLH nor TBRB disagree.

Neither BLH nor TBRB disagree.

WELTERWEIGHT, Floyd Mayweather
Neither BLH nor TBRB disagree.

Neither BLH nor TBRB disagree.

I'm sure the Ring magazine will strip him here and move him up to the 130lb rankings once they evaluate November's fights, just like BLH and TBRB did.

SUPER BANTAMWEIGHT, Guillermo Rigondeaux
Neither BLH nor TBRB disagree.

FLYWEIGHT, Akira Yaegashi
TBRB doesn't disagree. BLH does, but when Yaegashi beat Igarashi who beat Jaro who beat Pong, it created a very odd situation, which was explained at the time.


So the questions I have...

1.5 years later..

TBRB ... who cares? I mean, it's a good idea, but ... has it done anything drastically different from Ring Magazine? Except, of course, not recognizing Wladimir as the lineal champion until just now when he beat Povetkin [lol] ...

BLH rankings ... why not just re-instate the Ring magazine champion as the champion of the weight class, like you used to?

If it is because you disagree in the case of Hernandez and Yaegashi, that's a perfectly good reason. I do too.

But I will point out that in neither case of Hernandez nor Yaegashi do those appointments have anything to do with the ratings policy changes.


Funny thought - Ring magazine did this to make it so that they wouldn't have as many vacant champions. But here 18 months later, they don't have any more champions. LOL, as they say.

Because sometimes, you live in a world where nobody ranked #1-#5 in a division will fight each other ...

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