The Pacquiao/Marquez series

The Manny Paquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez series featured four action fights that displayed the highest levels of craft, but also utmost levels of ambiguity in regards to the outcome of these fights. Feeling nostalgic, I took it upon myself to rewatch these fights this week and to rescore them.

Pacquiao/Marquez I

To me, one of the easier fights to determine a victor.

I gave Marquez a 6 to 5 edge in rounds 2-11. After including Pacquiao's 10-6 round, though my total was114-111 in favor of Paquiao. It's very difficult to score this fight as a Marquez win when he would have had to win 8 of 12 rounds to be victorious (I also believe Pacquiao clearly took round 2, making Marquez have to win 8 of 10 remaining rounds). Once considering that the judge who scored the fight a draw only credited Pacquiao with 2 knockdowns, I think the winner of the fight is made more clear.

Verdict: Pacquiao decision over Marquez 114-111

Pacquiao/Marquez II

Once again, another close fight that I believe was decided by a knockdown.

I had Pacquiao taking the first round, then a 10-8 round 3 followed by another Pacquiao Round 4. Marquez did great work through the middle rounds (which almost made it feel like a Marquez victory). However, I gave Pacquiao 3 of the last 4 rounds which was enough to edge it out. This is, in my opinion, the toughest fight to score in the series. I once again scored it 6 rounds to 6, but with Pacquiao's 10-8 round being the difference. I can see this fight as anywhere from 115-112 Pacquiao to 115-112 Marquez. Ultimately, I think it was Manny who pulled it out in the later rounds.

Verdict: Pacquiao decision over Marquez 114-113

Pacquiao/Marquez III

After 6 rounds, I had Marquez up 4 rounds to 2. In the 2nd half of the fight, Manny had a bit of a resurgence, but only gave him 3 out of the final 6 rounds. Marquez's clinical and devastating counter punching was too much for Manny. Pacquiao was more active, and it was frustrating because I feel that Marquez's inactivity cost him on the judge's scorecards. Having said that, Marquez was effective enough to win on a narrow margin.

Verdict: Marquez decision over Pacquiao 115-113

Pacquiao/Marquez IV

The most exciting and decisive fight of the series. This fight was shaping up to be easier to score with less toss-up rounds. It seemed to me that Pacquiao won the first two rounds. Marquez evened it up with a 10-8 round of his own in the 3rd. Pacquiao was seemingly taking over the fight and I had him on his way to winning 3 consecutive rounds (and scoring a knockdown) before getting brutally knocked out by Marquez's "lucky punch" (lol).

Verdict: Marquez KO over Pacquiao (Pacquiao up 48-45 after 5th round)

Final Verdict: Manny Pacquiao: 2 Juan Manuel Marquez: 2

It's only fitting that they tie in this category given the close nature of their 3 previous fights.

Some interesting notes:

Total Points: Pacquiao: 389 Marquez: 384 If we credit Marquez for a 10-8 round in round 6 of Pacquiao/Marquez IV we get Pacquiao: 397 Marquez: 394

Total rounds won: Pacquiao: 21 Marquez: 20 (21 if you add the 6th round of Pacquiao/Marquez IV)

I feel thankful to have witnessed not one, but four fights between these two warriors. Personally, I'd love to see one final rematch between the two to perhaps decide the ultimate victor of their legendary rivalry.

So now I ask: Who did you think won the four fights? And how did your scorecards shape up? Would you like to see a 5th fight?

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