R.A. the Rugged Man critiques the musical stylings of Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia

R.A. the Rugged Man has shared his opinion on boxing many times in the past, and now he tackles a related subject: boxers rapping.

In the world of hip hop, R.A. the Rugged Man is legit. Boxing fans may remember him from an interview where he went back and forth with Floyd Mayweather a few years ago, more than holding his own in a boxing debate. R.A. is a noted boxing fan and knows his stuff.

But that's not why we're here. Our friend Corey Erdman sat down with R.A. to discuss a couple of hip hop tracks from current fighters Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia. Here are the results.

Adrien Broner & Soulja Boy - "Put a Name On It"


"Who is that? ... Oh (Soulja Boy) got bigger, huh. He's grown up now? Man, Soulja Boy looks like he's, like, 38 years old now."

"You know, I don't know what it says for Soulja Boy. I don't know how good Adrien is on it, but Adrien to me did better than Soulja Boy. So I don't know what that says for Soulja Boy. I wasn't such a fan of the lyricism in it, obviously. Rap has digressed a lot through the years. So when you have the same words over and over -- put a name on it -- you make it easier for people who don't want to digest anything with brains. That's a stereotypical new school song, 'put your name on it, put your name on it.' And then you remember it, OK, it's simple. It's for third graders. Nursery rhymes. He did OK. He took out Soulja Boy on the song. Soulja Boy's supposed to be a rapper but Adrien Broner was better than him on the song. But that's nothing I would ever listen to in my life. Like, that would never be on in my house, my car. Like, I would never listen to it."

Nox & Danny Garcia - "Tooth Fairy"


"I like this video more already. Nice ass. Girl's got a little ass on her. You know, Broner's video was all lookin' at dudes. So Nox already destroyed Soulja Boy. Like, Nox rhymed, it was nice, voice sounds good, his flow was good. Nox did good on there."

"Well, I, uh... Danny. Didn't do so well. In my opinion, no disrespect. I like Danny as a fighter. I wish he would've came with a little bit stronger bars. I think that Nox is better than Soulja Boy and Adrien Broner. But I think Danny Garcia is worse than Broner a little bit."


"As far as Danny's rhyme and personality compared to Adrien's rhyme and personality, Adrien had the more confidence and shine to it a little bit more."

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