From Wheaties to Cornflakes where will things end for Froch and Rios?

It was Larry Holmes who once said that Leon Spinks would "wind up driving a Cadillac with cornflakes for brains and $25 in his pocket." The unfortunate reality is that he was mostly right.

This past Saturday, Brandon Rios looks to me as to be in a similar situation. His corner doesn't really seem to have any regard for his health either, no surprise given Robert Garcia let Margarito down the same road.

Personally, I saw the Margarito situation as Karma, but with Rios (in my view a simple and 'innocent' guy) it seems tragic.

Moving to the top shelf of the breakfast cereal analogy there is Carl Froch. Froch it seems would dream himself appearing on the box of Wheaties as the ideal of champion -- and I would insist that Rachel join him. I know they don't eat that cereal in the UK, but hey let's just suspend our disbelief for a moment, if you must, do it for Rachel.

Froch, never an elite reflexive or fast fighter has had to rely more and more on his chin to beat his opponents and I say this will be the case for the remainder of his career.

Saturday it became obvious that any of Froch's big-fight opponents are going to tag Froch nearly at will. Does anyone think that the anticipated spring rematch with Groves will be kinder to Froch's chin? What if he fights Golovkin? How will it end? What of his retirement?

Sadly I don't even need to ask this question for Rios because it's just his style(to be a punching bag). He's already slurring words and has that look in his eyes like he's trying to remember if he left the toaster on.

I don't see things ending well for either of these two and as much as I've enjoyed the fights they've given us I want them to retire while they're both still well enough and quite rich.

I doubt their trainers , promoters and entourage have the same sentiment.

What would it take to make this happen, how can a fighter be saved from staying to long in this game?

Because 'at the end of the day' if you wait a second too long that last bite of cereal is going to be total mush.


This is my first fan-post so please if you don't want to see more, give me your best Jeffery Ross.

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