Chisora vs Pala results: Dereck Chisora continues win streak with third round stoppage

Scott Heavey

Dereck Chisora made it 4-0 in 2013 with a third round stoppage win (mildly controversial) over Ondrej Pala.

There's always at least a little controversy with Dereck Chisora, and today was no different. Chisora made it 4-0 on the year with a third round TKO win over Ondrej Pala, who was giving Chisora a decent fight to that point, when referee Jan Christensen stepped in to stop the fight after Pala had turned his back in the corner.

The stoppage came when Chisora (19-4, 13 KO) was applying some pressure, having eaten some good shots from Pala (32-4, 22 KO) and even being hurt just a bit a couple of times in the opening two rounds. With Pala backing up and trying to survive the round, he turned his back to Chisora in the corner, at which point Chisora very clearly and very deliberately punched Pala in the back of the head with a right hand, with plenty of time to not do so, then reached up and under to hit him with a left. That one was at least in the face.

Referee Christensen chose to stop the fight there, leading to complaints from Pala and some mild debate, but I'm not sure the referee had the vantage point to see Chisora's clear foul (which could have been a DQ, but likely would have just been a stern warning, maybe a point off at worst), and given Pala's body language, there's a perfectly decent argument that Christensen basically had to stop the fight.

Either way, Chisora wins as expected, and heads into 2014 with plenty of momentum. With his notoriety and toughness and action style, he'll probably get a world title shot again sooner than later, and there are certainly worse "contenders" out there.


Frank Buglioni improved to 11-0 (8 KO) with a nice stoppage win over Stepan Horvath (11-2, 3 KO). Buglioni, 24, still has a long way to go, but he sells tickets and seems to have the right attitude. I thought he was solid in this one, really.

Another young ticket seller in Georgie Kean also won, improving to 2-0 (1 KO) with a fourth round stoppage of veteran opponent Danny Donchev (4-64-1, 1 KO).

Bradley Skeete (14-0, 4 KO) won the vacant English welterweight title with a decision win over veteran Colin Lynes (37-11, 12 KO). Skeete had some trouble early, but did clearly win the fight, even if it may have been a bit closer than the commentators believed. Scores were fine, at 97-93, 96-94, and 96-93.

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