On why I want to see Floyd Mayweather fight Amir Kahn

You can say a few things that can easily apply to any Mayweather future opponent

  • He will loose
  • He will do more good to Floyd’s bank account than to his legacy, except perhaps for Pacquiao or Martinez
  • He has not deserved to fight him, except perhaps Pacquiao, Martinez, and Bradley

Those are also true when you discuss the potential bout between Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather. Nevertheless, I believe Amir can bring things to the table that might render this fight a little different, and therefore interesting, than the lasts Mayweather fights.

The brilliance of his defense forces almost any one that wants to win rounds against Floyd to throw punches in bunches, hoping that volume will make up for the lack of accuracy in the judges' eyes. To be able to unload that volume without getting hammered and destroyed in thirty seconds, you need size, good foot work, and speed in your leading punch and in the combinations that will follow. All those are qualities that Amir has: his taller (5’10 vs 5’8) although he might not have a reach advantage (26" for Mayweather against 24" for Khan) his quick, good with combinations and moves well.

All these assets are not enough to make the outcome uncertain, but suffice to make the process attention-grabbing. Volume and speed might earn Amir 3 out of the first 4 rounds, having all of a sudden Floyd at a disadvantage after the first third of the fight, similar to what happened against Judah or de la Hoya, which has remained unseen since Mayweather came back from his retirement. Actually, I believe Amir is a better body puncher that Zab or Oscar, giving even more potential to the fight. I would love to have a scenario like the Mayweather v Judah confrontation: Mayweather losing the early rounds but backing the opponent up and then, after figuring him out, just shredding it into indiscernible pieces. In my wildest dreams I even see a Shane Mosley moment with a zest of Marcos Madiana: Mayweather getting hurt with a beautiful left hook to the body. But after all that slow start, the genius has concluded his analysis and puts himself in destruction mode, beating Khan down every round and perhaps even knocking him out (given Khan chin this is a possibility).

So even though Khan only contribution to Mayweather will be to increase his wealth, it might force Floyd to give us another type of performance that what we have been accustomed to lately. Forcing the master to show us something different, like Charlie Chaplin in Mr. Verdoux or Picassos in his portrait of Olga: a great genius abandoning his habits for the public to mix a little surprise to the well-deserved admiration

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