Why Mayweather-Khan Makes Sense For Money (Pun Intended)

So many of the comments centering on the Mayweather-Khan bout, by no means set in stone as of now, focus on why Money would fight such an opponent. A lot of people argue that, essentially, this is Mayweather coasting for his last couple of fights, since it doesn't make sense from a competitive standpoint (Here I would say, the only fighter that is near May technically is Lara, so I agree) or financially.

Again, I'll concede the first of these two points. But the latter is, I think, false. Many folks say that Khan is overrated in popularity. They argue that he isn't a mainstream celebrity in Britain like Hatton was. They're surprised that some websites have him pegged to be a larger draw than most of Mayweather's other possible opponents.

They're wrong. Khan isn't as much of a mainstream star like Hatton was, but his following among the South Asian community in Britain and in Pakistan is huge. If you don't notice his popularity, its likely you're just not in the right community. It's like Cotto in America--sure the average guy doesn't know who he is, but he is immensely popular in parts of the American community.

Don't believe me? Here are the number of Twitter followers for several boxers. The numbers might surprise you.

Amir Khan: 1,428,951

Mayweather: 4,539,839

Pacquaio: 1,157,388

Danny Garcia: 84,399

Adrien Broner: 155, 788

Andre Ward: 157, 013

Nonito Donaire: 178, 776

Miguel Cotto: 338,686

Sure the numbers don't exactly define the popularity of a boxer 100%, since twitter access probably varies among the various fan bases. But you can't just rationalize the huge differences in numbers away, especially since Khan, like Pacquaio, has a huge bit of his fan base in areas where sites like twitter etc. are less likely to be used.

Again, dispute the sensibility of the bout from a competitive standpoint all you want, and I'm with you (but only if the other option is Lara, bc no other guys really have a style that'd pose Floyd Mayweather problems, undefeated records be damned). But to argue that Khan is a worse choice than other possibilities from a fan base perspective is foolish.

What needs to be understood is that Mayweather already has the American audience in the bag, despite the 15 or 20 people on the threads here boycotting ppv (or at least claiming that they will). Paul Pierce will still show up, even if May fought Carlos Molina (the Khan one). Money needs someone who can bring in a different audience.

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