Why "Keep Busy" Fights Are Ruining Boxing

This was originally conceived as a comment in response to the news that Gennady Golovkin is taking another "keep busy" type fight next before, supposedly, finally taking on a "big name" like Daniel Geale or Felix Sturm two fights from now, except, of course, even those "big names," if you can even call Geale and Sturm that, are not the actual number one man in the division, Sergio Martinez. So it's only February and we already have two fights conceptualized for Golovkin that aren't the fight everyone wants to see, with Sergio Martinez likewise scheduled to take on a relative unknown in his next bout, and so yet again in boxing there proves to be a greater willingness by fighters and promotors to fight #1 against #50, or #2 against #60, then there is to actually put #1 up against #2.

In any other sport, that would be the first priority, not 'well maybe we'll get to #1 against #2 a couple years from now after we get to watch them against numbers fifty through sixty.'

But not in boxing. Every year, there are a couple divisions where things start to develop, and a bunch of exciting fighters come to the forefront, and we all talk about how there are so many exciting matchups in the division, and how it's going to develop in the next year into this intriguing, amazing thing, where we will find out how it shakes out as all these exciting fighters go head to head.

But it never, ever happens. It never develops. We get two of these guys facing each other like once every three years, once every 10 fights with 9 "keep busy" fights in between.

How is this so fucking complicated? It's GGG, Chavez Jr., and Martinez. Until all of them have fought each other, none of them should be fighting anyone else. Period. GGG's next fight should be against Martinez. Then regardless of the outcome of that fight, Martinez should face Chavez jr. in the next fight, and then the winner of that should face Golovkin, and there's your year at 160lbs. Then by next year there will probably be someone else in the discussion to fight these guys, as well as the necessary rematches between the three.

How is this so damn complicated? Likewise, with Donaire, it should have been Mares, then Rigondeaux, then Mares v Rigondeaux, then maybe a rematch of the winner with Donaire, and whoever else gets his name in the discussion.

All these stupid "keep busy" fights keep things from ever developing in these interesting divisions. People take so long to fight each other, by the time they do, the division has disintegrated just as quickly as it came together. Someone moves up, like Mares, or whatever else happens. A lot can happen in boxing in the two or three years it takes for a top fighter to finally give up on feeding the fans manure in the form of "keep busy fights," and by the time the fighter and his promotor are finally ready to take on a real challenge, the big fights are gone. Remember when 140-pounds was all the rage, with Amir Khan, Timothy Bradley, and Devon Alexander slated to duke it out in the coming year? We got one fight involving those three, and it didn't even involve the division's champion at the time, Amir Khan. And this happens every year, in every division with potential.

It's unacceptable, and until it changes, none of us should be talking about how great and intriguing a division is and how there are will be all these great fights to be made in the coming year, because it doesn't matter. We'll never get to see them, we never do.

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