Fresh-baked links

Bad Left Hook is my first stop for boxing news, but not my only stop. Didn't feel like making a Fanshot. Or multiple Fanshots.

Links. Let's look at them. And discuss.

PERSPECTIVE - Saoul Mamby Carlos talks about a fighter I've never heard of.

Turning Screws: On Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado II Jimmy does a preview for the Rios vs Alvarado rematch that nobody everybody but me wants.

The Ugly American: Jesus “Chucho” Castillo And The Dreams Of Yesterday Carlos talks about an article he wrote in Spanish. I don't read Spanish! Fuuuuuuuuu-

Hopkins vs Cloud Trailer Probably the most hyped I will ever be for Bernard Hopkins fight.

Donaire vs Rigondeaux Trailer This could've been 60 seconds shorter for my tastes, but good.

HBO Boxing - Broner vs Rees Commercial Rees is Welsh? Kay.

HBO Boxing: Greatest Hits - Adrien Broner Apparently Broner has a Greatest Hits now, but Donaire doesn't? FFS. I like how they include the fight he ""lost""? Hahaha. Man, I completely forgot that fight with Rodriguez. Jeez, before DeMarco - Broner really HAD beaten absolutely nobody, huh? I got about 4 minutes into that and said 'screw this.' I don't hate Broner, but that was a really shitty Greatest Hits.

Dmitry Pirog's return is cancelled, no date set Well, looks like the former WBO world titlist will be falling off some people's rankings soon. Hasn't fought in almost 10 months with nothing scheduled..

Wladimir Klitscko explains Alexander Povetkin situation / Sauerland protests WBA's decision So according to Wladimir, Povetkin was offered 4 million Euros. I assume it is Euros, as both Povetkin and Wladimir's management are based in Germany. So that would be 5.4 million USD. Dang, that's a lot to piss on. Also, Sauerland is pissed about a proposed 75/25 split between Klitscko and Povetkin. Really? You're complaining about 25% of a Klitscko purse?

Barker dazzles with engagement propsal at Wembley A bit of adorable news - Darren Barker proposed to his longtime girlfriend.

Sergio Mora to face Jesus Gonzales on 04/19 Apparently Sergio Mora is fighting again. No idea why [joking].

Abregu vs Decarie close Sounds like a great fight. Sign me up.

Tahdooahnippah taking on tough fights Little fluff article on Tahdooahnippah. I've apparently taken an interest in him with his upcoming fight.

Ray Edwards: Ex-Viking's boxing foe suspended for taking dive I'm a Vikings fan, and my Polish boxing buddy linked me to this video. Pretty hilarious. Watch the video. Dude doesn't even come close to taking an uppercut, and then hits the canvas.

Bad Boy Gym housing Kronk boxers temporarily Looks like Kronk is still shut down. A shame.


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