Adrien Broner's Moment: How Golden Boy Can Market This Breakout Star

Last night was yet another confirmation of the obvious, though the obvious in regards to Adrien Broner it seems somehow finds itself overlooked by fans who for many reasons, some irrational, some ignorant, refuse to accept the fact that Broner, whatever you think of him as a person, is one of the best if not the best among a crop of young fighters in the sport today; champion or contender.

Broner did to Gavin Rees what Sky pundits and UK fans tried to argue against, which was break down a game former world champion, pick him apart, and seal the lid on his coffin for lack of a better word. Rees showed spots of the right game plan especially in the first two rounds, even so Adrien figured him out and settled "Gav the Rock" into an as usual Broner type stoppage.

If there is one thing about Broner that's become sort of predictable it's the manner in which he wins his most recent fights: By stoppage.

I found it comical that our UK boxing brethren withheld props for the way Broner dismantled Antonio DeMarco, one must assume had Ricky Burns done the same the eruption of praise from boxing heads across the Atlantic would not be so subdued. It's time we all face facts in terms of Broner's skill, especially in comparison to the four remaining champions at lightweight (Richard Abril-WBA, Ricky Burns-WBO, Miguel Vasquez-IBF). I don't foresee any champion I named beating Adrien Broner, in any fashion, in any scenario, on any planet in this universe or elsewhere.

Let me be clear, to borrow that phrase from President Obama, Ricky Burns cannot beat Adrien Broner, let's not even debate the merits of this long proven reality.

For Golden Boy the options are plentiful. Boxing has a genuine rising star from the boxing world's most lucrative, most media centered, and most desired destination for any fighter around the globe; I speak of the United States. He's African American, he's got the WBC version of the lightweight title, he's charismatic, arrogant, full of himself, aloof to reality as it pertains to himself, and is completely unaware, or aware one might argue of how absurd and how turned off people are to him when it comes to his personality, which makes him the total package because of all the things I just pointed out.

He would do well on the late night circuit and I would hope Golden Boy take advantage of their new network deal with CBS and perhaps air one of his fights on free television.

Overall the young kid from Ezzard Charles' hometown has for the most part impressed me with how he's been able to force himself onto the landscape after you know if you think about back it wasn't long ago that he fought Jason Litzau and Willie Kickett as an under card fighter. By the way if you look at from the time he fought Kickett to Ponce De Leon, to now Adrien Broner has gone through a transformation as a fighter because you know in the Kickett fight he didn't throw many punches and he would wait too long for a counter shot. Ponce De Leon, look I had Broner winning that fight because as the fight went on Broner started to settle in. But even in that fight he didn't throw enough punches. Now he throws a lot more punches than he did early in his career. I'm not saying he's a punches in bunches type fighter, but at least now he's active enough as to not be in danger of wasting rounds because he's too busy waiting for the perfect shot, instead of the right shot.

In boxing always remember that the right shot is the perfect shot, and the perfect shot can cause you to lose a fight because fighters, especially guys who counter punch will wait around and while they're waiting they lose rounds.

And not to get off track but this what sometimes gets me about black American fighters. Black American fighters are generally counter punchers who like to box and use athleticism. The problem is sometimes they don't throw enough punches and a fighter who throws a lot of punches can't take advantage of their unwillingness to be active. Joe Calzaghe "beat" Bernard Hopkins because he just outworked him when it counted.

Andre Dirrell's downfall against Carl Froch, even though Dirrell won that fight in the eyes of many fans, he spent too much time moving and not enough time putting his work in with punches. Dirrell had every advantage short of hometown support and ring experience, yet that could have been null and void had he been more active offensively.

Anyhow, I'm rambling. I hope to see more of Broner on the mainstream venues like Conan O'Brian or Jimmy Kimmel. Perhaps when he moves up to the junior welterweight division we'll start to see him cross further into the realm of mainstream sports figure not just mainstream boxing figure.

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