Boxing Farce: Broner vs Malignaggi

I like Adrien Broner for what he is: An arrogant, often times annoying young champion who has at his fingertips the boxing world and all its treasures, along with some of the most obvious and limitless talent the almighty God has blessed a young fighter with in quite some time. But this boxing buffoonery in the form of a fight between Broner and WBA 147 pound champion and former IBF light-welterweight champion Paul Malignaggi is the kind of sideshow aspect of boxing that often makes me shake my head in disappointment. I have no desire of seeing these two boxers try and counter punch each other all night long, at least not now.

I, like a majority of fight fans want Broner to clean up at 135 and then take 140 by storm; which he most likely would do. Brandon Rios, Lamont Peterson, Lucas Matthysse, and Danny Garcia are all great young fighters but none of them could beat Broner. The self proclaimed, "Problem" is simply too fast, too big, and too technically gifted for any champion or contender operating in or around junior welterweight.

However Broner's prospects say if he would have been fighting in the junior welterweight division circa 2010-2011, would have been dramatically different. At that time you had Marcos Maidana, the Desert Storm, Devon Alexander, Lucas Matthysse, Lamont Peterson, Amir Khan, and Robert Guerrero all occupying the same space. I don't think Broner would be a clear cut favorite against either Bradley, Alexander, Khan, or Guerrero.

Nonetheless it just tells you how far Golden Boy and HBO are willing to travel in order to promote a fighter who in reality doesn't need pointless promoting to push his career. Broner promotes himself in a way that few fighters are able to pull off with success. He has his boxing thing which is obviously his most lucrative ticket, and one in which is most certainly will reap the most potential bounty, and on the side he has his rap thing: Band Camp.

I saw a few of the Band Camp videos and the word, well two words come to mind: "Cheese" and "Innocent". Broner and his band of boxing rappers, or rapper boxers strike me as the most made up bunch of young guys who just want to live life and have some fun. I'm not one to slam the kid for being a rapper. He's not the best rapper walking God's earth but who cares? He knows what will attract viewers both of his music and his boxing matches.

Still, I don't want to see him fight Paulie because it's a waste of my time, the boxing public's time, his time, and the resources of Golden Boy and HBO. Keith Thurman vs Paul Malignaggi is the fight to make because both fighters genuinely don't like each other. There's a real reason, let me repeat that, there's a REAL REASON, to make that fight whereas Broner vs Malignaggi seems like a showcase fight for Golden Boy to say "Hey look how good this kid is, he can move up two weight divisions and beat so and so"

Look, Broner will dismantle Paul Malignaggi within six rounds and so what will we have learned then? That Adrien Broner is too big for lightweight and should have been fighting between 140 and 147 all along? That Golden Boy and HBO are running the risk of turning his career into something that ought not be taken too seriously by fans and media? Or that Adrien Broner himself isn't looking to string together credible and meaningful victories from now until he retires. This is the most irrelevant and uncalled for fight of 2013; and we haven't even heard the official announcement for Roy Jones versus Steve Collins: Fifteen Years Too Late.

I know it as fact that Broner vs Malignaggi is more of a joke than Jones Jr. vs Collins: Retirement or Live-In Care.

To their credit at least Roy Jones Jr. and Steven Collins have some sort of history in relation to each other. Collins has stated that he's chased a fight with RJJ for the better part of fifteen years. Broner's wanted Malignaggi for the better part of fifteen minutes.

Can we please not support the attempts by not so intelligent promoters to insult our intelligence?

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