Guerrero's missed opportunity

Whether you love or hate Floyd Mayweather there is only one truth in our relationship with the world's best pound for pound boxer. We crave more from him.

Even most of his detractors can accept that, with the obvious exception of Pacquiao, he has indeed faced his fair share of the world's best. It just might not seem that way because once they're done with Floyd they no longer seem to be as formidable as they did going in to the fight.

While Guerrero's performance against Berto gives us hope that we might see Mayweather pushed further than he has been thus far, it is most likely that he will be yet another fighter that looked dangerous before the fight and humbled after it.

What seems to give us most hope that Guerrero is in fact the special kind of fighter capable of testing Floyd is his attitude both in and out of the ring. We all saw the supreme confidence that allowed him to step up two divisions and aggressively dispatch of two world class fighters without so much as a backward step.

Yet what is even more reassuring is his attitude outside of the ring.

Watching Victor Ortiz flail valiantly in press events during the build up to his shot at Mayweather made for good entertainment but it seemed quite clear that in the battle for pre-fight dominance even the kid's best efforts at intimidation just wouldn't cut it. Guerrero, on the other hand, has the maturity and presence to nullify this element of Mayweather's arsenal; which is why it was so disappointing to see him appear reactionary and somewhat starstruck at their first promo shoot.

Over the next six weeks leading up to May 4 Guerrero needs to choose exactly which character he will play in this narrative; for to simply respond to Mayweather's taunts without a plan will surely leave Guerrero on the back foot before even stepping into the ring. A handicap no fighter can overcome.

Guerrero could choose from one of the following two personas:

a) The silent, resolute and determined type. Disinterested by all of Floyd's talk. Similar to the way Miguel Cotto went about the build up to his fight with Floyd. No fear and no games;

or rather,

b) Beat Floyd at his own game. Despite Guerrero's insistence that he doesn't want to get up caught up in Mayweather's stage tricks he has to appreciate that at this level it's about more than what happens in the ring. Given Guerrero's newly constructed image as an intimidating bully inside the ring, the idea of him adopting it leading up to the fight will not seem out of character. If he manages this properly even the prospect of unsettling Mayweather may become a reality.

But to respond to Mayweather's taunts unprepared, without having a plan to use them against Mayweather himself, will only end badly. In the initial promotional shoot Guerrero appeared surprised at Floyd's antic's and seemed a little unsure of himself. He tried to talk back and he tried to appear disinterested; both to little avail. Guerrero can't afford to be making it up as he goes. Not against Mayweather.

Floyd's public persona is well choreographed act. He realizes the value of having the audience waiting, with bated breath, on his every word. In fact, it's likely that his taunts are aimed at wooing the public more so than they are at intimidating his opponent.

It is because Guerrero realizes this that he says "Floyd is insecure'' and he's probably right. It's now Guerrero's turn to use that insecurity and vanity against his opponent. He certainly won't achieve that playing by Mayweather's rules.

He'll need to address this quickly because Mayweather is right, "This ain't Berto"

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