Bradley vs Provodnikov: Thoughts and Reflections

I unfortunately missed the fight live, as I was travelling. What a fight I missed- thankfully I managed to track it down and watch it yesterday. My thoughts:

* Before the fight I saw that segment with Bradley talking about how things have been post Pacquiao. I was actually a bit touched by Bradley's admissions of suicidal thoughts and how hard it has been for him. I was really surprised by this as he has shown something quite different; calling out Pacquaio, saying he's scared to fight him etc. What a façade this was. I wonder if he could have brought his *real* thoughts and feelings on the fight to the media, but this probably wouldn't have worked either. He was in a lose lose situation as we know.

* Roy Jones Jr was terrible in the commentary during the fight. Too many "jokes" and him being the sole laughter that soon followed.

* I scored the fight 115-112 Bradley. I gave rounds 1, 2, 6, and 12 to Provodnikov. I did not score the second round a 10-8 to him as Bradley, although seriously concussed, was still fighting back. At the time, and from the farther away camera angle, it did look to me that Bradley may have slipped in the first round, but replays clearly show this was not the case; there was causation in to why he fell. Barring this, and assuming 10-9 to Provodnikov, I cannot see a win for him. The only other round I could see giving to him was round 11. That would have made it 114-113 Bradley. 113-113 is possible if you scored the second round a 10-8. But a win for Provodnikov? Can't see that. For me, apart from round 11, there were no close rounds and each fighter clearly won the round they did.

* While accurate that Tim has limited power, I don't agree with "no power". He has enough on his punches to give fighters pause. I believe a left hook to Provodnikov's body during one of the earlier rounds definitely hurt him. Also, if his punches are at least enough to fuck up some faces like he did to Provodnikov's, he could conceivably get more TKO type decisions moving forward, especially against certain style of fighters.

* A lot of people are saying Bradley fought "stupid" and I guess while correct, it appears to me it was purposeful on his part. In another thread, RyanSexton said he may have been suicidal as to why he stood and traded and took that punishment; I replied that that was a big value judgement. But what I didn't know at the time I said that is that Bradley did indeed say he had suicidal thoughts post Pacquaio. Whether he still has them and that's why he fought like he did, no one knows. I believe impressing was the motive. In my mind, Bradley can't continue with that as he doesn't appear to have that concussive power to win those kinds of brawls against top opposition, so if he does it again, he's going to trade and trade until he drops.

* And that brings me on to Bradley as a fighter, and what an interesting style he has. For me, it appears he has no actual boxing style other than being supremely athletic in everything he does, and somehow adjusts that to the different styles of opposition he comes up against. I noticed he had a nice jab going early on, but it quickly turned into one that was being thrown from his elbow- arm punching.

* And finally, thanks to both fighters for an amazing fight. I hope Provodnikov gets some more fights on TV and on bigger cards, what a solid fighter and an entertaining style he has. Bradley, rest up well. You earned it.

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