Zou Shiming pro debut, Brian Viloria, Koki Kameda, more: Boxing TV schedule for April 5-7


Zou Shiming makes his pro debut in China, top flyweight Brian Viloria returns, Koki Kameda is in action, and more on this weekend's boxing TV schedule.

Wednesday, April 3


SHO, 10:00 pm EDT, 30 Days in May.

Friday, April 5

ESPN2, 9:00 pm EDT, Jonathan Maicelo vs Rustam Nugaev, Gabriel Tolmajyan vs Jorge Maysonet Jr. This is a weak FNF in terms of even FNF-level "star power," but often the shows with no "name value" turn out to be damn fun to watch, so don't write this one off as one you can just skip out on. BLH will have live coverage.

TV Publica (Argentina), 9:00 pm EDT, Vicente Rodriguez vs Sergio Escobar. You may remember Rodriguez from that time Golden Boy flew him in to lose to Adrien Broner.

Televisa (Mexico), 10:00 pm EDT, Antonio Lozada Jr vs Jorge Pimentel.

Saturday, April 6


HBO2 (Tape Delay), 2:00 pm EDT, Zou Shiming vs Eleazar Valenzuela, Brian Viloria vs Juan Francisco Estrada, Rocky Martinez vs Diego Magdaleno. Azteca in Mexico also has a tape delay of this show. If I can find an actual live feed of the broadcast, I will do live coverage. If not, I will not, and don't expect to be spared "spoilers" if you come here. Actually, here's what I'll do for you: I'll keep the actual results out of the front page headline until the HBO2 airing is over, but if you click on the post labeled. "Macau results (Spoilers)," then don't you dare get all bent out of shape at me, corncob. Learn to read, you big dummy.

TyC Sports (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Jorge Heiland vs Douglas Santos.

Televisa (Mexico), 10:00 pm EDT, Irma Garcia vs Janeth Perez.

Sunday, April 7


TBS (Japan), 6:00 am EDT, Koki Kameda vs Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym, Sonny Boy Jaro vs Hiroyuki Hisataka, Denver Cuello vs Takashi Kunishige. If I can find an acceptable non-Keyhole live feed of this show, we'll have live coverage. If not, we will not.

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