Robert Guerrero: 'There's a blueprint to beat anybody,' even Floyd Mayweather

Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV spoke with Robert Guerrero during media day, to get his thoughts as his May 4 fight with Floyd Mayweather gets closer.

Hey everybody, Marcos Villegas here in Las Vegas with the man right next to me, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero. Crazy media day today for you, I've never seen it this packed for you. I know it must be a good feeling, I know it must be somewhat like, "Yeah, it's about time that I get this type of attention."

"Yeah, you know, it comes with the Floyd Mayweather fight. You just gotta be ready for it, be able to handle the media with ease, and make sure it don't go to your head. That's what happens with a lot of fighters, they start looking at all the media and they get excited, and they start thinking, 'Oh, I'm getting famous, I'm gonna be bigger than ever,' and they forget about the fight."

Looking at Floyd, he's getting older, rematch clause, it seems like you're getting him at the right time. If you apply your pressure, do you feel that he will get tired?

"Yeah, definitely. It gots to be a certain type of pressure, it gots to be a smart pressure. You gotta be able to make those adjustments in the ring, because you can do one thing, and Floyd will do something completely different. It's being smart in the ring and fighting an intelligent fight."

For years, when I've seen you, you've always made a point to tell me, 'I wanna tell the world that I wanna fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, that's the fight I want.' I wanna say, like, two years coming. What does it mean to you now, to finally get this fight, and reflect on this journey from when you had your sights set on him until now?

"It means a lot, especially what I had to go through throughout my career, throughout my life. To be in this position now, it truly is a blessing. I had to work hard to get here, and I have to work hard to stay here. I just can't wait. I've been tracking this fight for a long time, and now it's here, and you gotta be ready for it."

At any point in time, did you lose faith that you wouldn't get this fight? Did you ever have doubts that it wasn't gonna come to you, because for a while, no one wanted to fight you, and it forced you to go up to 147.

"No, there was never no doubt. And I told you guys that over and over, 'I'm gonna fight Floyd Mayweather.' It was just a matter of time. Here it is, May 4th. I'm excited. I never lost faith that I was gonna get the fight, because I'm a big believer in Christ, and you put God first, anything's possible. Everything happens. Here we are, and now I'm telling you guys, I'm gonna beat Floyd Mayweather May (4th)."

Is it, like, a vision that you've gotten? Or do you feel that it's, like, destiny? Have you seen it, have you already dreamed it, that you're gonna beat Mayweather?

"Yeah, I've been talking about it for the past couple of years, and here it is, now it's time to show you guys."

Are you worried that the ref might not let you do good work inside? He might break you up too early? We saw that with Hatton, we know Hatton wanted to do something like that. Are you worried about that?

"No, not at all. I'm not worried about that. I'm coming to work. One thing is being able to change your game plan, being able to do different things, make your adjustments. That's the difference at the end of the day, and that's what I'm gonna come and do. Make those necessary adjustments to win the fight."

Mayweather says there's not a blueprint out there on how to beat him. It hasn't been done. But looking at him now, and studying him, do you feel that there is a blueprint now, and what past fights of Mayweather's have you seen and you can point and say, "Look at that, he has trouble right there"?

"There's a blueprint to beat anybody, no matter who it is. It's just about executing it. The one thing with a lot of fighters is, they all have their game plans, but they can't execute it. Most of the time, by the time they get in the ring, it's already out the window. They're so mad, or they're scared, and their thought process is just blank when they're in the ring with Floyd. You gotta be ready, and you gotta be able to make those adjustments, and that's what I'm gonna do in the ring. I'm pumped for this fight, because I truly am ready for this fight, and it's time to make it happen."

I spoke to fans and I asked them, if there is a fight in which Mayweather had struggled, that there was a blueprint on how to beat him. Almost everybody mentioned (Jose Luis) Castillo. Do you feel that Castillo, that type of fight is the right type of fight for you?

"You can say Castillo, that first fight, but you see Floyd Mayweather, he came back the second fight, made the adjustments, and just blew right through him. So that's why I say you can't underestimate Floyd, and you can't pinpoint on just one specific thing you're gonna do. You gotta be able to make those adjustments, so, you gotta take a little bit of everything you see and start building your game plan."

The Showtime All Access show, they made a point of saying, like, this is a battle between good and evil. I wanted to get your thoughts on that. Do you really see it that way? Like, good, Christian values against what he portrays himself on camera?

"That's the way it looks, so--"

You feel that way, too, like, strongly about that?

"Definitely. It's a clash of two different characters, two different personalities. It's about inspiring people. Being a professional athlete, being in this sport that we're in, what we've been blessed with, where we've been, to be viewed by millions of people around the world, I think it's an obligation of ours to go out there and inspire kids, and inspire people and show them if you work hard, anything's possible and you can do anything. If you do it like this, the right way. The way everything's going with All Access, I think it's great for the fans, and it's great for the people to see. You got two different worlds, and it's crazy."

Robert, May 4th, the night of the fight, the bell rings, the judges render their decisions, the decision is announced, tell me, how do you visualize, what comes out, and what are the feelings that come out with that?

"'And new pound-for-pound champion of the world...' I'm excited. I can't wait. Everything's been said, training's getting done, now it's time to take care of business on May 4th."

The first person you're gonna turn around and give a hug to, who do you think it's gonna be?

"My wife. We've been through a lot together, ups and downs, and you know, there's a light at the end of the tunnel."

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