Floyd Mayweather: 'Robert Guerrero's acting like a pastor, but he gets caught with a gun'

Bryan Haraway

Floyd Mayweather says that Robert Guerrero is a hypocrite, and talks about his training camp, Canelo Alvarez, and more.

Floyd Mayweather spoke with Marcos Villegas for The Boxing Channel during his media day about Robert Guerrero, a bruise he's sporting under his right eye at the moment, Canelo Alvarez, his corner situation, and more. Quotes below.

On Robert Guerrero's style

"I really don't know (how he's different than other opponents). It's obvious he's done something right to get to this point. He has been world champion before. I don't know if he's faced an opponent like myself, but I'm here every day pushing myself to the limit because I cannot overlook no opponent."

On a bruise under his eye

"Things happen in training camp. We don't know if that came from a punch, we don't know if that came from a headbutt. Things happen in camp. Nicks and bruises, that comes with the territory. Part of the fight game."

On having a long training camp

"It's been a great training camp. Not just long, but a great training camp. My dad is back working with me, I'm also working with my uncle Roger, so we have great chemistry in the gym. ... I wanted to make sure that we have everything intact, I wanted to make sure everything was sharp, early."

On working with his father again

"My dad is here every day training other fights. We see each other every day. I went to him one day and told him that I want him back with me, I want him a part of my team, and he said, I don't have a problem with that. So we're back together. (Did you see ending your career with your dad?) I never knew how my career would end, but of course, who don't wanna end their career on a high note? My dad, he's a great guy. The thing that I like about him, he's respecting a lot of things I wanna get done, and vice versa. I respect a lot of things he has said. Our chemistry together has been working great. I feel good, my uncle Roger is happy, I'm happy, so that's the main thing. It's about comfort and being happy."

On the rematch clause for this fight

"I don't know. I don't know if there's a rematch clause or not. My focus is to go out there and be the best that I can be. If a rematch presents itself, then I'll handle that when it do present itself. As of right now, I look to go out there and be victorious May 4th."

On Robert Guerrero's gun arrest

"A lot of the time you see guys that are hypocrites. For instance, like, you got a guy that's always preaching like he's a preacher, like he loves God more than anyone else, and I feel that we're all equal when it's all said and done. You got this guy that's preaching, going to 'The 700 Club,' he's acting like he's a pastor, but he gets caught with a gun, he's got Marilyn Monroe on the wall at his house -- these guys are hypocrites, but you live, you learn. That's not really my focus. They were joking about me doing time. What goes around comes around. A week after the fight, it's time for him to do his time."

On the hardest puncher he's faced

"The IRS."

On Canelo Alvarez and a possible future fight

"As of right now, Floyd Mayweather is closer to 40 than I am to 21. He's a good fighter, but no fighter can give me an ultimatum. ... I'm not really worried about that. He's fighting Trout, and may the best man win. My focus is whoever is in front of me, and at this particular time, Robert is in front of me."

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