Boxing results and recaps, Apr. 7 - 13: Koki Kameda, Shinsuke Yamanaka, Akira Yaegashi, Takashi Miura, Cecilia Braekhus, Friday Night Fights, Boxeo de Primera, Sabados de Corona, and much more

Akira Yaegashi smashes Toshiyuki Igarashi

This weekend recap is devoted to events that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. Fights from this past Sunday through Saturday are covered.

Catch last week's recaps here.


2013-04-07 Bodymaker Colosseum, Osaka, Osaka, Japan

MBS / Camcorder

Koki Kameda SD12 Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym (115-113, 113-116, 115-114)

After a rough going in round 1, things got worse for Kameda in the 2nd when he was badly hurt by an uppercut and continued to get him by them for the rest of the round. But eventually Kameda regrouped and got himself back into the fight by hooking to Kaiyanghadaogym's body. However, things turned again when Kameda's body attack dissipated and Kaiyanghadaogym began to carry the fight behind his jab. Kameda even found himself briefly in trouble once more during the 11th while Kaiyanghadaogym unleashed furiously. But like the experienced champion he is, Kameda shoe shined his way to pulling out the last round and consequently won the fight.

Personally I felt Kaiyanghadaogym did enough to at least get a draw, awarding him rounds 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, and 11, but some of them were close so I can't complain too much. However, what's unfortunate about that is most of the rounds I gave Kameda were also close. And in typical Koki Kameda fight fashion, he always gets the benefit of the doubt. Thus Kameda retains his WBA regular bantamweight title and improves to 30-1, once again having gone life and death with an opponent supposedly beneath him. Meanwhile Kaiyanghadaogym, born Boonsom Iamsiri, falls to 36-2 and will likely return to Thailand to fight people you've never heard of.

Hiroyuki Hisataka UD10 Sonny Boy Jaro

Jaro, once briefly the lineal flyweight champion of the world, was a journeyman beforehand and may have returned to that status on this day. Then again, Hisataka did stop an unbeaten Panomroonglek Kaiyanghadaogym, which is a hell of a lot better than what Koki Kameda could do in the main event...

In any event, Jaro still had his moments with Hisataka, just not enough of them. Overall he was far too passive, more concerned with not making mistakes than letting his hands go. When he did throw punches he looked the superior of the two, but I can't say he could have maintained that image if he remained busy the entire fight. I'm not confident that he was running on a full tank of gas. Jaro appeared to fade after getting busier in the later rounds. The fight ended with Hisataka bullying Jaro around the ring.

Denver Cuello MD10 Takashi Kunishige

Kunishige went down in a delayed reaction to a sneaky lead straight left from Cuello in round 2. Cuello, fighting out of a southpaw variant of the Philly shell defense, didn't particularly care about establishing his jab and was content to feint, slip, roll, and parry shots while setting up lead left hands. Skill wise he was on another level to Kunishige. Cuello definitely could have done much more, but the judge who scored this fight a draw should be ashamed of himself. Kunishige's effort can only count for so much...he was utterly out classed.


2013-04-08 Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan

øƑL / G+

Shinsuke Yamanaka TKO12 Malcolm Tunacao

Both fighters boxed cleverly in this back and forth battle but the power came from Yamanaka. After splitting the first 2 rounds Yamanaka dropped Tunacao twice in the 3rd via straight left hands. Tunacao continued to get touched up through most of the 4th but actually closed the round the stronger, landing a big right hook in the process. Tunacao did even better in the 5th and out boxed Yamanaka for most of the round. Early in the 6th he had Yamanaka reeling and closed the round strong again. Early in the 7th he knocked Yamanaka's mouthpiece out with another right hook and continued to out box the champion, but lost his momentum at the finish.

Just as the fight was slipping away, Yamanaka's straight left hands to the body turned the tide. Yamanaka then began to land his jab more regularly en route to clearly taking round 8. Open scoring revealed that Yamanaka was ahead on all 3 judges' scorecards after 8 rounds (77-74, 77-74, and 77-73). It was hard to split the fighters in the 9th. And then a cut outside Tunacao's right eye nearly stopped the fight in the 10th.

After the doctor cleared Tunacao to continue, he appeared reinvigorated. With blood streaming down his face he finished the 10th round like a man possessed. But Yamanaka would not be denied. He thwarted Tunacao's best efforts in the 11th and finished him off with a series of 1-2 combinations in the 12th. Tunacao beat the count but with his vision seriously hampered, did not have the will to finish the fight. That being said, the referee probably would have waved it off regardless.

In any event Yamanaka improved to 18-0-2 and made the 3rd defense of his WBC bantamweight title. He's come a long way since drawing with the likes of Kenichi Yamaguchi and Keiji Yokomakura. Now if only he could fight Anselmo Moreno or Leo Santa Cruz to establish a clear #1 bantamweight in the world...

Akira Yaegashi UD12 Toshiyuki Igarashi (115-110, 116-109, 117-108)

The roles each fighter would play were established immediately. Igarashi would box going backwards while Yaegashi would fight coming forwards. Yaegashi often squared up too much and made himself an easy target, but the difference in class between the fighters trumped any stylistic advantage the naturally larger Igarashi had.

Ultimately Igarashi's luck ran out. He was fortunate to get the decision in his previous 3 bouts (against foreigners) but had to settle for unbiased judging against a fighter more nationally recognized than himself. Open scoring revealed an early lead for Yaegashi after 4 rounds (39-37, 40-36, and 40-36) but things immediately tightened up when Yaegashi lost a point for an accidental headbutt in round 5 (which upon viewing the replay appeared to primarily be Igarashi's fault). The cut outside of Igarashi's right eye was not severe, but enough to bother him when it leaked blood.

Interestingly more accidental headbutts in round 6 opened a cut outside of Yaegashi's right eye and a cut outside of Igarashi's left eye, resulting in point deductions from both. The fact that head clashes were so frequent tells you who was controlling the distance in the fight. And with reduced visibility Igarashi was only more inclined to fight in close quarters. Things were just not going Igarashi's way.

Nevertheless he still managed to keep the fight within reach on 2 judges' scorecards through 8 rounds. The cards read 77-72, 76-73, and 75-74 all for Yaegashi. Yaegashi, seemingly insulted the fight was close at all, turned it up in round 9 and just beat the hell out of Igarashi, particularly with overhand rights. The overhand right would continue to connect through the remainder of the fight and nearly had Igarashi down in round 11. Yaegashi rallied as Igarashi flailed all over the place, but he couldn't put him away.

Thus the lineal flyweight champion dug deep and crossed the finish line despite being swept in the last 4 rounds. Igarashi dropped to 17-2-1 while Yaegashi advanced to 17-3. Akira can now claim to have been the man at 105 and 112 pounds, even though Juan Francisco Estrada is clearly the #1 flyweight in the world for those of us with not bound by rating fighters based on the titles they hold.

Fortunately, given that Estrada is Mexican and the WBC is Mexican biased, we may just see Yaegashi-Estrada down the line. However, I think we're actually more likely to see Yaegashi-Ioka 2 (assuming Yaegashi gets by Edgar Sosa and Ioka gets by Wisanu Kokietgym). And once Kazuto Ioka moves up there will be no more reason for Roman Gonzalez to remain at light flyweight, so the division is about to get really interesting. I'd go as far as to say it's going to be a golden age for flyweights, but I'll save that history lesson for another time...

Takashi Miura TKO9 Gamaliel Diaz

Miura lost a point for opening a cut outside of Diaz's left eye in the 1st round due to an accidental headbutt, which wasn't really his fault. Miura then nearly dropped Diaz with a straight left early in round 3, who held on and "slipped" to the canvas a few times along the way. But before the round ended Miura caught Diaz with a counter overhand left and put him down officially. It was a dominant round for Miura and a sign of things to come.

But as a result of the WBC rule on accidental headbutts, the fight was dead even after 4 rounds (37-37 on all scorecards). However, that would be the last time that Diaz was even on the cards. It didn't take long for an even worse cut to open outside of Diaz's right eye, this time the result of punches. He took a beating in round 5, was dropped by another lead left hand in round 6, was dropped again by an overhand left + right hook combination in round 7, took another beating in round 8, and was finished off in round 9. A final lead left hand did the trick, causing Diaz to crash to the canvas. The referee didn't bother to count but there was no way Diaz was going to get up in time.

Subsequently the WBC super featherweight championship reign of the man who gave Robert Guerrero his 1st defeat ended. His vision was obstructed in the early rounds and his right eye was basically completely shut by the end. Thus Miura, who previously came up short against the division kingpin Takashi Uchiyama after dropping him in the 3rd round, improved to 25-2-2 and will definitely appear in the next Bad Left Hook super featherweight rankings. Where does he go from here? Well, I figure #1 WBC rated Sergio Thompson is due for a title shot by now. That will be worth watching.


2013-04-09 Chiranakorn Stadium, Songkhla, Thailand

Thai TV 3

Petchbarngborn Kokietgym UD12 Michael Escobia

Kokietgym walked Escobia down and out punched him. There was nothing fancy, but it was a good fight. Thus Kokietgym improved to 20-6-1 and picked up the vacant PABA flyweight title. The 27 year old is still just a prospect.

Saiyok Poompanmuang KO2 Muhammad Sapata

Sapata went down in both rounds 1 and 2 and refused to even try to get up after the 3nd knockdown. In fact, he remained on his knees a long time after the ref reached 10. Nonetheless, he looked like he wanted to quit even before he took a knee.


2013-04-10 Las Pulgas, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Azteca America

Victor Ruiz TKO2 Sergio Frias

The taller and longer Frias established range with his jab and gave Ruiz a lot of movement to contend with. However, whenever Ruiz got Frias on the ropes he was too hesitant to let his hands go. Neither fighter really began to open up until the end of the 1st round. Then all of a sudden things changed in round 2 when Ruiz landed a good shot and Frias was foolish enough to stand and trade with him. "Finito" Frias went down and was later stopped on his feet. Thus "Pelon" Ruiz improved to 11-1 while Frias fell to 13-3-1.

Roberto Ramirez UD4 Julio Paz

Erick Martinez UD4 Antonio Villa

Alvaro Aguilar UD4 Alejandro Alonso


2013-04-12 Centro Cosmopolita Unión y Progreso, Roldán, Santa Fe, Argentina


Daniela Romina Bermudez UD10 Guadalupe Martinez (100-91½, 100-90½, 100-91)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when is full WBA champion Naoko Yamaguchi going to fight interim champion Bermudez? This girl is the real deal and her talent is wasted on journeywomen and low level prospects. Who's responsible for this should-be-mandatory fight not happening? Heads must roll.

Whatever the case may be, Bermudez improved to 13-2-2 and made the 4th defense of her interim WBA female super flyweight title. Martinez was out classed.

Ruben Dario Lopez SD6 Diego Sebastian Baez

Vanesa Lorena Taborda UD4 Analia Tesure


2013-04-12 Ko Phangan, Thailand

Thai TV 7

Norasing Lookbanyai D12 Danilo Pena (113-113, 115-113, 113-113)

I got this result off @JamesGoyder on twitter, who watched the bout live. I figured I'd at least find highlights of the fight online later, but never did... Anyways, apparently Norasing didn't look too hot, most likely due to his inexperience and Pena's awkward, relentless style. Norasing would eventually fade, get dropped twice in the 10th, and settle for a majority draw after 12. James Goyder thought the decision was fair.

In any event the man born Norasing Lookbanyai failed to regain his PABA super flyweight title, which was vacant going into this bout. His record now stands at 5-0-1.

Terdsak Kokietgym UD6 Ernesto Rubillar


2013-04-12 Dover Downs Casino and Hotel, Dover, Delaware, USA


Amir Mansour KO1 Jason Gavern

A right hook to the top of the head stole Gavern's equilibrium and he never recovered. Every good follow up shot that caught Gavern dropped him again, 4 times in total before the referee waved it off. The crowd booed Gavern's performance but he took the fight on 3 days notice. Mansour actually thought Gavern did well, all things considered.

Nonetheless Mansour improved to 18-0 and defended his World Boxing Federation Intercontinental heavyweight title. In his post-fight interview he said he'd become the WBF world heavyweight champion soon. The next WBF world heavyweight title fight is between Michael Grant and Carlos Takam, scheduled to take place in May.

Omar Douglas TKO1 Daniel Mitchell

Ronica Jeffrey UD8 Natasha Spence (79-73, 80-72, 79-73)

Jeffrey improved to 12-0 and picked up the interim WIBA super featherweight title. She also received the "Fighter of the Night" award.

Dusty Hernandez Harrison UD6 Jonathan Garcia

Joey Tiberi UD4 David Warren Huffman

Lamont Singletary TKO2 Tracey Johnson

The crowd booed the early stoppage by the referee. Johnson was winning the fight until he got hurt.

Samuel Kotey Neequaye KO2 Arturo Santiago

John Bowman TKO2 Stanley Harvey


2013-04-12 Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington, USA


Oscar Gonzalez UD10 Rico Ramos (98-91, 97-93, 96-93)

Rico Ramos put forth yet another disheartening performance and came up short in the Friday Night Fights main event. The fight had a few good rounds when Ramos was willing to trade, but mostly struggled to keep my attention. Despite the well-deserved win Gonzalez didn't do anything to get anyone excited about his future, even though he dropped Ramos in round 6 with a left hook to the body. Ramos responded by briefly going to war in round 7 but was eventually reduced to holding as he awaited the final bell.

Teddy Atlas, Facebook fans, and judge Joel Scobie all agreed that Gonzalez won the fight 96-93. However, they may have all disagreed on how they arrived at those scores. I was able to verify that Facebook and Atlas were split on rounds 5 and 9. Nonetheless, Gonzalez emerged victorious and improved to 21-2.

Ray Lampkin KO3 Landon Horseman

Oscar Molina TKO1 Daryl Gardner


2013-04-13 Club Atletico Echagüe, Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina


Debora Anahi Dionicius UD10 Gabriela Bouvier (99-91, 100-90, 100-90)

In the Boxeo de Primera main event Dionicius easily retained her IBF female super flyweight title and improved to 12-0.

Carlos Daniel Aquino KO3 Carlos Alberto Carmona

Cristian Daniel Larrea SD4 Juan Gabriel Giachello

Alejandro Marcelo Ramirez TKO1 Luis Alberto Vera

Rolando Wenceslao Mansilla TKO2 Jairo Alfonso


2013-04-13 Multiversum, Schwechat, Austria


Marcos Nader UD12 Roberto Santos (116-112, 116-112, 115-113)

Santos started late and arguably lost the first 8 rounds, although some were debatable. And even though I gave Santos every round after that, some of those were debatable too. I'd say the only round where Nader was dominated throughout was the 12th. Honestly I was surprised the scorecards were as close as they were. Austria did a good job of not being biased, as was the case in Nader-Santos I.

In any event Nader improved to 17-0-1 and righted the "wrong" of the controversial draw that happened the first time around. He's now the EBU-EU (European Union) middleweight champion.


2013-04-13 Arena Nord, Frederikshavn, Denmark

3+ (Denmark) / Polsat (Poland) / Viasat (Norway) / TV 10 (Sweden)

Cecilia Braekhus TKO3 Mia St John

This was a mismatch of epic proportions, on paper and in reality. The referee took pity on St John and stopped it while she was on her feet in the 3rd. Braekhus easily defended her WBA/WBC/WBO female welterweight titles, advancing her record to 22-0.

This is normally where I'd start complaining about a fight with Holly Holm not materializing, but now that Holm has retired from boxing I won't bother...

Mateusz Masternak TKO9 Sean Corbin

For 7 rounds Masternak was winning, like he was expected to do, but hardly did anything to grab anyone's attention. But at the beginning of round 8 he seemed to find a second wind and dropped Corbin nearly immediately with an overhand right. The intensity didn't last for the rest of the round but picked back up in the 9th when he dropped him again. This time Corbin would not be allowed to recover as Masternak flurried until the referee stopped it while Corbin was helpless against the ropes.

Thus Masternak improved to 30-0 and picked up the vacant WBC International Silver cruiserweight title. Masternak, currently rated the 7th best cruiserweight in the world by Bad Left Hook, ironically had the same rating by the WBC going into this fight. He should be due for a world title fight soon, or at least a silver one...

Erik Skoglund UD10 Luke Blackledge

Rashid Kassem TKO1 Andrei Sudas

Micki Nielsen TKO5 Toni Visic

Simen Smaadal UD6 Kristoffer Storm

Anthony Yigit TKO3 Aliaksandr Abramenka

Oscar Ahlin KO3 Tim-Robin Lihaug


2013-04-13 Monumental Plaza de Toros, Ciudad Hidalgo, Michoacán de Ocampo, Mexico


Juan Jose Montes D12 Julio Cesar Miranda (115-111, 113-114, 113-113)

In the Sabados de Corona main event "Goofy" Montes and "Pingo" Miranda battled to a draw with the difference in the fight being a 1 point deduction for Miranda's low blows in round 4.

In the early rounds Pingo did most of the stalking while Goofy backed up and took punishment. Consequently I didn't give Goofy any of the first 4 rounds. Although commentator Diana Ballinas suggested otherwise, open scoring did reveal that Miranda was up on 2 of the 3 judges' scorecards after 4 rounds (the other had it even). I didn't start giving Montes any rounds until the 6th when Miranda seemingly took his foot off the gas and got out boxed. Montes began to increasingly walk Miranda down.

However, despite personally having Montes sweep rounds 6 through 8, open scoring revealed that Miranda was still ahead on 2 of the official scorecards while the previously even card only had Montes up by 1 (77-75 Miranda, 76-75 Montes, and 78-74 Miranda). Overall the scores were fine; I just question how they were arrived at.

In any event I ended up giving rounds 6 through 10 to Montes before I thought Miranda deserved another round. In the 11th Miranda used fancy footwork to lure Montes in and counter. Thus I had the fight dead even going into the final round. But as soon as Montes scored a 12th round knockdown it all became academic; 114-112 Montes was my final score. I can't complain about any of the official tallies. It was a close fight with enough swing rounds to take it either way.

Nonetheless, due to the draw the vacant WBC Continental Americas bantamweight title will remain vacant...for now. These two will likely have a rematch. It was entertaining enough to televise again.

Tomas Rojas KO6 Jaderes Padua

Televisa only showed limited highlights, but obviously included the KO. It was a pretty slick counter uppercut to the body that sent Padua down for the count. Subsequently the former world champion picked up his 40th career win and the vacant WBC Latino bantamweight title.

Marcos Reyes TKO5 Eric Mitchell


2013-04-13 American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Fox Sports Net (USA) / Fight Network (Canada)

Juan Diaz TKO6 Pipino Cuevas Jr

Scott Christ recapped the main event here.

Jerry Belmontes MD8 Daniel Diaz

Justin DeLoach UD4 Martin Gonzalez

Jose Rodriguez TKO3 Gregory Gutierrez


#QuitCounter2013 had a quiet week and only increased by 3. The count now stands at 65. New additions in bold.

2013-01-05 Reyes Sanchez RTD5/TKO6 Ramiro Alcaraz
2013-01-11 Brandon Holmes TKO4 Javier Esparza
2013-01-11 Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym TKO4 Noli Morales
2013-01-12 Hector Alfredo Avila RTD6/TKO7 Emilio Ezequiel Zarate
2013-01-12 Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda RTD3/TKO4 Sergio Alejandro Blanco
2013-01-18 Brandon Riddell TKO1 Eric McNorris
2013-01-19 Khalid Yafai RTD4 Gonzalo Garcia
2013-01-19 Roberto Feliciano Bolonti RTD7/TKO8 Franco Raul Sanchez
2013-01-23 Delen Parsley RTD2 Tyrone Selders
2013-01-23 Eugene Russell KO1 Granson Clark
2013-01-25 Brian Vera TKO10 Serhiy Dzinziruk
2013-01-25 Edgar Santana TKO3 Eddie Soto
2013-01-25 Franklin Lawrence RTD2 Mark Brown
2013-01-25 Omar Douglas RTD2 David Warren Huffman
2013-01-30 Erick Martinez TKO2 Miguel Angel Garcia Nava
2013-02-01 Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo RTD4 Arief Blader
2013-02-08 Kevin Bizier RTD8 Nate Campbell
2013-02-09 Carlos Gabriel Ozan KO1 Modesto Rodriguez
2013-02-09 Javier Francisco Maciel TKO5 Emilio Julio Julio
2013-02-09 Micki Nielsen KO1 Josef Krivka
2013-02-09 Saul Juarez KO10 Armando Torres
2013-02-16 Brandon Cook RTD3 Raul Saiz
2013-02-16 Demetrius Hopkins RTD6 Charles Whittaker
2013-02-16 Jamel Herring RTD3 Carlos Lopez
2013-02-16 Joel Tambwe Djeko TKO6 Bassam Belkhir
2013-02-21 Czar Amonsot RTD6 Addisu Tebebu
2013-02-21 Patrick Day RTD1 Dominique Foster
2013-02-22 Ariel Vega TKO4 Jose Rodriquez
2013-02-22 Christian Hammer RTD6 Oleksiy Mazikin
2013-02-22 Manuel Charr RTD2 Yakup Saglam
2013-02-22 Simona Galassi RTD2 Gabriella Vicze
2013-02-22 Yunier Dorticos RTD3 Willie Herring
2013-02-23 Chris Avalos RTD4 Jose Luis Araiza
2013-02-26 Petch Kokietgym RTD8 Albert Alcoy
2013-03-01 Michal Syrowatka KO2 Laszlo Robert Balogh
2013-03-02 Genesis Servania TKO7 Angky Angkotta
2013-03-08 Renato De Donato TKO6 Antonio Santoro
2013-03-09 Darren Barker RTD4 Simone Rotolo
2013-03-09 Giovanni De Carolis RTD4 Artem Solomko
2013-03-09 Jon Hill RTD1 Greg Maynard
2013-03-10 Michael McLaughlin RTD1 Jimmy LeBlanc
2013-03-15 Gary Cornish TKO5 Humberto Evora
2013-03-15 Levan Ghvamichava RTD3 Angel Rios
2013-03-15 Sultahn Staton RTD2 Kenneth Brown
2013-03-16 Gustavo David Vittori TKO2 Diego Fernando Neira
2013-03-16 Marco Antonio Periban KO2 Samuel Miller
2013-03-16 Yesica Yolanda Bopp RTD5 Carolina Alvarez
2013-03-22 Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo TKO5 Nathan Bolcio
2013-03-22 Luciano Leonel Cuello RTD7/TKO8 Joaquim Carneiro
2013-03-22 Marc Pagcaliwangan RTD1 Jose Adan Fernandez
2013-03-22 Michael Walsh vs Krisztian Laufer
2013-03-23 Robert Stieglitz TKO4 Arthur Abraham
2013-03-25 Petch Kokietgym KO8 Dondon Jimenea
2013-03-29 Josh Wale RTD9 Ashley Lane
2013-03-29 Oleydong Sithsamerchai TKO7 Richard Garcia
2013-03-29 Tony Ingelrest RTD3 Ivica Cukusic
2013-03-30 Apti Davtaev RTD2 Ivan Bogdanov
2013-03-30 Callum Smith RTD1 Iain Jackson
2013-04-06 Azea Augustama RTD2 David McNemar
2013-04-06 Mark de Mori RTD4 Jonathan Pasi
2013-04-06 Roman Skerlo TKO1 Tarik Ipek
2013-04-06 Travis Clark TKO1 Martez Williamson
2013-04-08 Shinsuke Yamanaka TKO12 Malcolm Tunacao
2013-04-09 Saiyok Poompanmuang KO2 Muhammad Sapata
2013-04-12 Mikael Zewski KO2 Daniel Sostre


If a bout is not mentioned which took place on one of the above cards it’s most likely because I haven’t got around to watching it yet. In the event that I do watch such a bout at a later time it’s still unlikely I will update this recap. My recaps will be posted once a week, devoted to cards that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. For available footage of the previously reported bouts follow @sweetboxing on twitter. You may also email the author of this piece at

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