Boxing results and recaps, Apr. 14 - 20: world titles, controversy, upsets, must see knockouts, and a whole bunch of people you've never heard of...

Victor Terrazas celebrates victory over Cristian Mijares

This weekend recap is devoted to events that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. Fights from this past Sunday through Saturday are covered.

Sorry for the delay, but I couldn't bring myself to write this for a long time. Honestly I'm getting sick of doing these massive recaps, which take more hours to complete than I'd like to admit. Consequently I hardly have time to do the kind of writing I'm actually interested in, like the the historical piece on Cuba's finest I dropped a few weeks back. If you liked that, I have another history piece I'm going to release on Monday. This one is on Midget Wolgast and where he rates among the 10 best flyweights of all time.

Anyways, the previous installment of my weekly recaps column can be found here.


2013-04-14 Indoor Tennis Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia

RCTI (Indonesia) / Orange Sport (Poland)

Chris John D3 Satoshi Hosono

This bout was previously recapped by Scott Christ here. I'd add that the fight looked a lot more difficult for John in the ring than it did on paper, and that things were really starting to heat up before it was stopped.

Simpiwe Vetyeka TKO12 Daud Cino Yordan

Through 11 rounds this was an entertaining fight that looked up for grabs. Yordan struggled with Vetyeka's awkward (and skillful) fighting style but it didn't make him gun shy. As a result both fighters took chances, but Yordan ultimately paid the price. V12 started round 12 guns blazing but wound up on the canvas himself due to a slip. When he got up he kept pushing Yordan backward by touching him with the jab and loading up on his right hand. Eventually the right hand connected flush with Yordan's jaw and forced him to 1 knee. Yordan beat the count but was stopped on his feet less than a minute later.

Surprisingly the judges' cards through 11 rounds were fair, all with Vetyeka ahead by 5 or 7 points. Vetyeka did not need a knockout to win even though I'm guessing his corner told him to go for it. Regardless, Vetyeka improved to 25-2, picked up the IBO featherweight title, and may earn himself a Bad Left Hook top 10 featherweight rating in May (more on why this isn't so obvious later). Will Yordan drop out of the top 10? We shall see...

Sahlan Coral TD5 Fabian Lyimo (39-37, 39-38, 39-37)

This fight was controversial on multiple levels. For one, scores apparently weren't tabulated for the 5th round (and most of the round had finished before it was waved off). For another, the referee read unanimous scorecards yet called it a majority decision. And to top it off, Lyimo arguably should have won every round. Nonetheless Coral was saved by an accidental headbutt (or elbow) and favorable scorecards.

Rasmanudin TKO1 Jay Jay Ngotiko


2013-04-17 Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan


Kyotaro Fujimoto TKO7 Fabrice Aurieng

Fujimoto, previously on the fast track to a WBC mandatory for the heavyweight championship of the world (not that he deserved his lofty rating), made a successful comeback following his devastating KO loss to Solomon Haumono. Ignoring the politics however, Fujimoto took on a very respectable comeback opponent for his 7th pro fight. Aurieng is a former Bigger's Better winner and the reigning France heavyweight champion. He's also a southpaw (something heavyweights don't often see). Yet Fujimoto still won, and won impressively. Aurieng was dropped by a straight right hand in round 4 and stopped on his feet in round 7.

Subsequently Fujimoto improved to 6-1. He's scheduled to fight for the vacant Japanese heavyweight title in July. The former K-1 kickboxing star is expected to win again.


2013-04-18 Croatian Club, Footscray, Victoria, Australia

Fox Sports Australia

Blake Caparello UD12 Jorge Rodriguez Olivera (120-108, 120-108, 120-108)

Rodriguez immediately celebrated after the bout, apparently happy that he went the distance. Nonetheless he was still shut out on all scorecards. Caparello improved to 16-0-1 and picked up the vacant PABA light heavyweight title.

Robert Berridge TKO8 Serge Yannick

Joel Camilleri TKO4 Ed Abel

Anthony Buttigieg UD4 Mark Dalby


2013-04-18 Ayutthaya Park, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Thai TV 9

Teerachai Kratingdaenggym KO3 Ronnel Esparas

Esparas took a knee following a jab to the body in round 3. He then waited until the referee got to about 9.8 before he "tried to beat the count". He then walked off like nothing had happened.

In any event Teerachai, born Tewa Kiram, improved to 19-0 and retained his super PABA welterweight title. Australia's Tim Hunt is currently the regular PABA champion. Thought the WBA only employed craziness like this for their world titles? So did I... The whole point of a super title is so that the champion doesn't have to face pointless mandatories. But at what point is a PABA champion worried about this? If he's trying to keep his opponents of a certain caliber he would progress past the PABA level in the 1st place...


2013-04-19 Federación Jujeña de Básquetbol, San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy, Argentina


Alejandra Marina Oliveras KO5 Calixta Silgado

Silgado was reluctant to throw and tried to keep her distance. She fought nervous. Consequently Oliveras walked Silgado down and eventually beat her up (it took until the 4th round do much damage). In round 5 Oliveras finally connected flush upstairs with the big right hand she was looking for all night, and that's all she wrote.

Thus Oliveras successfully defended her WBO female featherweight title for the 5th time. She's now 30-2-2 with 15 KOs.

Cristian Rafael Coria SD6 Diego Alberto Chaves

Oreste Bernabe Nieva D4 Jesus David Aguirre


2013-04-19 Tattersalls Club, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Dennis Arthur TKO5 Frank Ciampa

Ciampa lead on all the judges' scorecards going into the 5th round but was stopped on his feet about a minute into it when Arthur hurt him with right hand and flurried until the referee stepped in. Although the vacant World Boxing Foundation International light heavyweight title was on the line, no champion was crowned because Arthur weighed in at a stunning 181.75 lbs. Nonetheless Arthur improved to 5-2 while Ciampa dropped to 10-20.


2013-04-19 Tolhuis Arena, Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium


Ruben Nieto MD12 Jean Pierre Bauwens (116-112, 114-114, 117-111)

Unbeaten prospect Nieto got his first road win by walking down and outpunching Bauwens. Bauwens was game but physically overmatched. Thus Nieto improved to 13-0 and picked up the vacant EBU-EU (European Union) light welterweight title.

Arno Casteleyn MD4 Cedric De Keirsmaecker

Omar Bouchentouf MD4 Jean-Pierre Habimana


2013-04-19 Varna, Bulgaria


Final: Konstantin Airich UD3 Vlasis Apostolakis

In the main event of the 21st Bigger's Better tournament Konstantin Airich (multiple time winner) strung together another 3 straight easy wins to pick up a nice check and keep his name relevant. Now perhaps Airich can get another vacant WBC Baltic heavyweight title fight and take a dive in the first round like he did against Manuel Charr... I joke of course...not really.

Semi-Final 2: Konstantin Airich TKO1 Wieslaw Kwasniewski

Kwasniewski was overwhelmed but used his right shoulder as an excuse to quit. He fought scared and didn't commit to his punches.

Semi-Final 1: Vlasis Apostolakis TKO1 Tiberiu Porcoi

Porcoi threw out his left shoulder and couldn't continue. The referee quickly gave him a standing 8 count and waved it off. Porcoi didn't even have a chance to quit (fighters are generally given extra time to recover from injuries, see Arthur Abraham-Edison Miranda 1 for the most disgusting example I can think of).

Quarter-Final 4: Konstantin Airich TKO1 Claudiu George Dinu

Dinu beat the count after he was dropped by a series of hooks, but chose not to continue.

Quarter-Final 3: Wieslaw Kwasniewski SD3 Nikola Mihailov

Quarter-Final 2: Tiberiu Porcoi UD3 Djordje Mladenovic

Quarter-Final 1: Vlasis Apostolakis UD3 Murat Yazlak


2013-04-19 Maritim Hotel, Halle an der Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany


Roman Belaev TKO4 Nelson Fabian Pilotti

The referee saw Pilotti was out classed and taking a beating so he mercifully waved it off before anything bad happened. Belaev improved to 11-0 (9 KOs) and picked up the vacant IBF Youth welterweight title.


2013-04-19 Trairatanakon Temple School, Chaiya, Thailand

Thai TV 7

Amnat Ruenroeng UD12 Julius Alcos (120-108, 120-108, 120-108)

Ruenroeng out boxed an offensively limited Alcos en route to a shutout. Subsequently Ruenroeng improved to 9-0 and defended his IBF Asia flyweight title. The 2008 Olympian turned pro after not making the 2012 games. He's already 33 years old. Will he even make it to a world title shot?


2013-04-19 Rainton Meadows Arena, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Loaded TV

Jon Lewis Dickinson UD12 Mike Stafford (118-112, 117-112, 115-113)

Dickinson fought his usual fight, kept it basic, stayed consistent, and simply out worked his smaller opponent. Stafford appeared to have injured his right arm in round 4, leading to an immediate drop off in his activity. From there on I witnessed a rather dull, clinch filled fight.

In any event Dickinson improved to 14-2 and made the 2nd defense of his BBBofC British cruiserweight title. During the post-fight interviews Stafford revealed that his tore his right bicep during round 4.

Glenn Foot TKO7 Jason Cook

Paul Truscott PTS6 Sandor Racz


2013-04-19 Doncaster Dome, Doncaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hatton Boxing TV (YouTube)

Gavin McDonnell UD10 Paul Economides (99-91, 99-91, 98-93)

McDonnell used his height, reach, footwork, and combinations to out box Economides over 10 rounds and advance his record to 8-0-1. Still, Economides' pressure forced McDonnell to work hard from beginning to end. This was a British super-bantamweight title eliminator.

Andy Townend RTD8 Ben Wager

Wager was very game and went to war with Townend for 8 rounds. Unfortunately he didn't feel he had enough left to come out for round 9. Thus Townend picked up the vacant British Masters lightweight title and advanced to 6-1.

Scott Gladwin UD10 Connor Nixon

Gladwin upset the previously unbeaten Nixon and acquired the vacant BBBofC Central Area super flyweight title for his efforts. Ironically Gladwin was stopped in his last 2 bouts, also against undefeated fighters. This 24 year old Gladwin now stands at 6-2 while the 20 year old Nixon fell to 5-1.

Ismail Anwar PTS6 Robbie Barrett

Josh Morgan PTS4 Bheki Moyo

Luke Crowcroft PTS4 James Tucker

Sam Sheedy PTS4 Dee Mitchell


2013-04-19 Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA


Javier Fortuna TKO1 Miguel Zamudio

In a massive mismatch Fortuna did what he was expected to do and took Zamudio out early. Perhaps the only thing surprising about the result was how emphatic it was. This 1 punch KO (a left hook out of the southpaw stance) will easily make my 2013 highlight reel video. Zamudio was out cold with his eyes wondering. Still, the knockout remains technical because there was no 10 count. Them's the rules, man.

Nevertheless Fortuna improves to 22-0 but lost his interim WBA World featherweight title on the scales. Regardless he plans to stay at featherweight and has recently called out regular WBA featherweight champion Nicholas Walters on twitter.

John Jackson UD8 Cerresso Fort

John Jackson is a good fighter. Unfortunately his father (Julian Jackson) was a near great fighter. He'll never live up to his old man, but his old man is proud regardless. Speaking of Julian, he's due to get into the IBHOF one of these days...

Emmanuel Lartei Lartey UD6 Jonathan Batista


2013-04-19 Harrah's, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA


Anthony Smith MD10 Dhafir Smith (95-95, 96-94, 96-94)

As I attended this card in person, a full detailed recap of the entire event is available here.

DeCarlo Perez TKO5 Julius Kennedy

Julio DeJesus MD6 Ariel Duran

Drew Aguilar UD4 Arthur Parker

Damon Allen TKO4 Joseph Ahaamid


2013-04-19 Cendera Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Luis Yanez SD8 Timur Shailezov (78-73, 75-76, 78-73)

2008 Olympian Yanez kept his unbeaten record intact but once again barely scraped by (even with the knockdown in round 4). And although this was only an 8 rounder, Yanez walked away with the vacant WBC United States (USNBC) super flyweight title. Still, it's about time Yanez picked up a title in one of the major organizations. He debuted back in 2009. Unfortunately he's only had 8 fights since then, producing a 7-0-1 record in the process. Luckily he's only 24 years old, so if he picks up the pace now he just might live up to his amateur credentials.


2013-04-20 Club Sportivo Pilar, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Matias Ariel Vidondo UD10 Emilio Ezequiel Zarate (98-89, 97-92, 96-92)

Zarate lost this rematch but managed to stick around the full 10 rounds (stopped in 5 the first time around). Consequently this was the first time "El Demoledor" Vidondo won a fight that went to the scorecards. His record now stands at 14(13) - 1(1) - 1. You could call him a prospect, but he is 36 years old... He's also fat and lacks fundamentals. He's unlikely to progress past local level, but who doesn't like watching knockouts? He'll make a living.

Lucas German Priori TKO2 Miguel Angel Bogado

Priori, 2012's knockout king, made his first 2013 statement with this sensational victory. An overhand right planted Bogado face first. I suggest you watch it; it's on YouTube.

Luis Alejandro Tejerina TKO3 Claudio Esteban Romero

Romero went down hard but got up relatively easy. At least it looked that way. Problem is he quit...

Adrian Luciano Veron UD4 Luis Salvador Parada


2013-04-20 Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Azteca America / UniMas (USA) / Azteca 7 (Mexico)

Victor Terrazas SD12 Cristian Mijares (114-113, 113-114, 115-112)

Open scoring revealed a draw on all scorecards after 4 rounds but had Terrazas ahead by majority verdict after 8. In fact one judge gave Terrazas all of rounds 5 through 8. And although I had Mijares ahead by a point at this stage, I couldn't really argue with any of the cards. The fight was that thin. Mijares appeared the superior boxer between the two but for long stretches would not let his hands go, likely a byproduct of his advanced age and increased body mass.

But after Cristian's corner told him that he was behind between rounds 9 and 10, it did seem to wake their man up. Mijares' hands and feet moved with a new sense of urgency from round 10 onward but Terrazas managed to raise his own game in the 11th to produce yet another debatable round. I didn't give that round to Terrazas, but I'm guessing that's what sealed the fight for him. Mijares clearly won the 12th 10-8 when he dropped a bloody Terrazas with a short left hook in the final seconds but it wasn't enough. He lost the fight by a single point.

Consequently Terrazas improved to 37-2-1 and picked up the WBC super bantamweight title (vacated by Abner Mares). You can add him to the list of world champions that lost their pro debuts. Terrazas was largely unknown outside of Mexico until he upset Fernando Montiel in 2011, but since then he's been a top 10 super bantamweight. Where does Terrazas go from here? I suppose a fight with next highest rated fighter by the WBC, Vic Darchinyan, could be in order. Hell, Terrazas may systematically go through all of the pound for pound players from the previous decade who now reside at 122. But, personally, I'm more interested in seeing Mijares-Montiel or either against Darchinyan. Mijares put up a shocking performance against Darchinyan back in 2008 but I'm sure he can do better today.

Juan Manuel Lopez TKO2 Eugenio Lopez

JuanMa had his overmatched opponent hurt in the 1st round and finished him off in the 2nd. A left uppercut + right hook combination did the trick, putting Eugenio flat on his back. The referee immediately waved it off.

As a result JuanMa improved to 33-2 with 30 KOs. Not that this opponent is a good barometer, but so far JuanMa's power at super featherweight looks good. He'll certainly be able to smash Nonito Donaire, moving up from super bantamweight, should that match get made. That is of course if he can hit Donaire... But I doubt JuanMa's footwork or speed are good enough to get the job done. But if Wilfredo Vazquez Jr could tag Donaire repeatedly...who knows.

Jonathan Gonzalez UD8 Francisco Perez

Undefeated Puerto Rican prospect Gonzalez was given a stern test. Gonzalez, previously 12-0 with 11 knockouts, needless to say was used to knocking his opponents out. Perez offered nothing special but was determined and durable. Gonzalez wound up holding on due to fatigue by the end.

Raul Hinojosa UD4 Edwin Ortiz


2013-04-20 Arena Roberto Duran, Panama City, Panama

TV Max

Robinson Castellanos SD12 Celestino Caballero (115-112, 113-114, 114-113)

In the main event of the evening Caballero looked his age and lost the fight by a single point due to a knockdown in the opening round. Castellanos didn't do anything spectacular, but he did enough to win. Or perhaps you could say that Caballero didn't do enough to win. Caballero didn't snap his jab, didn't throw it consistently, and didn't move his feet fast enough to keep Castellanos out of range. Caballero's home town fans booed his performance during and after the fight. However, the boos stopped when Castellanos was announced the victor. Cabellero cited his 16 month layoff in the post-fight interview for why he looked the way he did, but gave Castellanos his props for a job well done. Castellanos was very respectful to Caballero as well.

In any event Castellanos won his 10th straight fight following a sub .500 record and retained his WBC Silver featherweight title. I'd like to say that he's earned a Bad Left Hook top 10 featherweight rating, but room is tight after Vetyeka upset Yordan and will be even tighter if Abner Mares beats Ponce De Leon (which he is expected to do). Nonetheless, Castellanos should (as in officially and he's earned it) be the mandatory for the winner between De Leon and Mares. But the WBC has ignored their rules regarding him before, so I wouldn't be surprised if they did it again...

Luis Concepcion TKO6 Anuar Salas

Concepcion had to get off the canvas to defeat his opponent, but he did so in impressive fashion. Officially Salas was down in round 1, Concepcion was down in round 3, and Salas was down 3 times in round 6 before the referee had seen enough. Salas just couldn't avoid Concepcion's big right hands. Consequently Concepcion is now 28-3 and interim WBC Silver flyweight champion. Edgar Sosa and Giovani Segura are scheduled to compete for the full WBC Silver title in May. Concepcion against either party wouldn't be a bad fight.

Alicia Ashley UD10 Chanttall Martinez (96-94, 96-94, 97-93)

In the female main event of the evening "Slick" Ashley defended her WBC crown against former world champion "La Fiera" Martinez. The fight went as expected; the stronger Martinez stalked and threw power shots while Ashley countered and danced away. Ultimately Martinez's undoing was that when she got Ashley to stop moving, she still couldn't really get the better of her on the inside. Ashley proved crafty from any distance.

Thus the 45 year old Ashley (more than double her opponent's age) improved to 19-9-1 and retained her WBC female super bantamweight title. She now rides a 5 fight winning streak, the longest of her career. Jamaica really does produce fine athletes.

Zapir Rasulov UD10 Devis Perez

At the moment BoxRec is incorrectly reporting this as a 7th round DQ. You'd expect errors like this to get fixed after a week, but c'est la vie. Anyways, I thought Perez largely fought to survive until he went for broke in the final round...then celebrated after the final bell as if he deserved to win.

Fortunately the judges got it right and awarded "Zap" a wide unanimous decision victory. All Perez managed to do is snap Zap's 13 consecutive knockout streak. Rasulov's record now stands at 26-0 with 23 KOs. He's the new IBO Inter-Continental super featherweight champion.

Rafael Concepcion UD6 Alejandro Corrales


2013-04-20 University of Southeastern Philippines Gymnasium, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines


Jose Ramirez SD12 Rey Bautista (111-114, 114-111, 114-111)

Boxing just hasn't been kind to Filipino stars lately. First Pacquiao, then Viloria, then Donaire, now "Boom Boom". But I suppose at least Donnie Nietes' luck hasn't run out yet. But let's get back to Ramirez-Bautista. Bautista was effectively dropped twice in round 1 by hooks yet could only be ruled down once because the 2nd knockdown happened before the referee could step in to administer the mandatory 8 count for the 1st one. In both cases Boom Boom sat on the ropes to keep himself up.

To Boom Boom's credit he did get himself back into the fight. He even managed to drop Ramirez in round 8 but struggled throughout the fight to put his punches together. Ramirez survived the single shots and came back to outpoint Bautista with combinations. One of the more memorable combinations that came from Boom Boom during the fight was the 1-2 he tried to clip Ramirez with while Ramirez was clearly on his knees in round 8. He was lucky to not lose a point for that.

Ironically the only fighter to lose a point would be Ramirez in round 9 due to an elbow that cut Bautista. I suspect if the scorecards were tabulated after 9 rounds the bout would have ended in a majority draw. But then Boom Boom took a beating for the final 3 rounds. He looked more interested in surviving than winning. The crowd showed their displeasure as a good fight was ruined.

In any event Ramirez improved to 25-3 and won the WBO International featherweight title. The Filipino commentary and crowd supported the decision. I assume Ramirez will now take Boom Boom's top 5 WBO rating. Potential future opponents rated ahead of him include Aussie Joel Brunker, Gary Russell Jr, Orlando Cruz, and of course world champion Mikey Garcia.

Arthur Villanueva UD12 Marco Demecillo [OPBF super flyweight title]

Rocky Fuentes UD10 Juan Kantun


2013-04-20 Hala na Podpromiu, Rzeszow, Poland


Artur Szpilka RTD1 Taras Bidenko

Szpilka, coming off a life and death war with Mike Mollo, had an easier time out against Bidenko, who quit after 2 rounds due to a leg injury. He told the referee that he couldn't move but had no problems getting off his stool when the fight was called off. They took some time to check Bidenko out, applied some spray (not sure what the hell that was supposed to do), and gave him some time to see if he could suck it up. Imagine if Tim Bradley pulled this when he fought Manny Pacquiao?

Anyways Bidenko wasn't supposed to have much of a chance of winning anyways, although the same could have been said of Mollo and Jameel McCline before him (both of which had Szpilka in trouble). Nonetheless Szpilka remains unbeaten, 14-0 with 11 inside the distance. He remains one of Poland's future heavyweight hopes.

Pawel Kolodziej UD8 Richard Hall

Krzysztof Glowacki UD8 Taylor Mabika

Kamil Laszczyk UD6 Krzysztof Rogowski

Krzysztof Kopytek UD4 Asen Vasilev

Przemyslaw Runowski UD4 Radoslav Mitev


2013-04-20 Sportpalace, Kharkov, Ukraine

Inter [main event] / MEGOGO.NET [undercard]

Serhiy Fedchenko UD12 Karim El Ouazghari (119-107, 119-107, 118-110)

Fedchenko easily retained his WBO European light welterweight title. El Ouazghari was shut out on 2 of the judges' cards save for the point deduction in the final round (due to a punch from Fedchenko when El Ouazghari's back was turned). Fedchenko's boxing skills were simply on another level. His timing was good enough to drop El Ouazghari with a mere jab in round 6 but he fought too cautiously to finish him off.

Nonetheless Fedchenko improved to 33-2. With 35 fights to his name his career best win remains a 2010 DeMarcus Corley. Perhaps he'll follow in the footsteps of fellow countryman (and division rival) Viktor Postol and take on Hank Lundy too. African American fringe-contenders do tend to get recycled over there, but they're usually old, unlike Lundy. In the past Lundy's main problems have come down to poor management and misfortune. However, I expect that things will soon change. But I digress. More on that another day...

Alexander Ustinov UD8 Ivica Perkovic

Dmytro Nikulin TD5 Ambrosi Sutidze

Vitaliy Neveselyy NC3 George Tevdorashvili

Mamed Yadgarov UD8 Yuriy Voronin

Valentyn Holovko UD8 Mikheil Avakyan

Igor Fanian UD8 Dmytro Semernin

Umar Salamov TKO6 Davit Ribakoni

Agali Alyshev UD6 Ruben Movsesian

Dmytro Fedos D4 Oleg Korobko

Mishiko Beselia TKO2 Artem Skornyakov


2013-04-20 Winter Gardens, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Sky Sports

Brian Rose TKO12 Joachim Alcine

I like Brian Rose. He's not the best prospect out there but he challenges himself more than most. Consequently he ends up in fights where he's not looking too hot. This was one of those fights.

Alcine, the former WBA light middleweight champion, often had his younger opponent unsure of himself through the first 11 rounds. Personally I gave Alcine rounds 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11. After 10 rounds commentator Jim Watt didn't agree with me on rounds 5 and 6 but gave Alcine round 7. Alcine was fast, busy and slick like a younger version of himself. But eventually Alcine's 37 years resurfaced and his attempt to rope-a-dope backfired at the end of round 11. I thought Rose did too little, too late to steal the round but the momentum clearly shifted and Alcine was unable to adequately recover between rounds. Alcine did good work early in round 12 but Rose turned things around with a counter right cross that stunned him. After that Rose just flurried until the referee stepped in (arguably premature).

Nonetheless Rose emerged victorious, improved to 23-1-1, and acquired the vacant WBO Inter-Continental light middleweight title. He's clearly the #1 junior middleweight in the UK but still has a ways to go to be taken seriously among the best in the world.

Lee Selby TKO5 Corey McConnell

Scott Cardle PTS10 Maxi Hughes

Matty Askin UD10 China Clarke

Callum Smith KO1 Ruslans Pojonisevs

Pojonisevs dropped to both knees following a left hook to the body and didn't attempt to get back up, even though the round ended...

Thomas Stalker PTS6 Gyorgy Mizsei Jr

Ryan Aston PTS6 Gilson De Jesus


#QuitCounter2013 increased by 7 this week and brought the total count to 72. New additions are listed in bold.

2013-01-05 Reyes Sanchez RTD5/TKO6 Ramiro Alcaraz
2013-01-11 Brandon Holmes TKO4 Javier Esparza
2013-01-11 Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym TKO4 Noli Morales
2013-01-12 Hector Alfredo Avila RTD6/TKO7 Emilio Ezequiel Zarate
2013-01-12 Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda RTD3/TKO4 Sergio Alejandro Blanco
2013-01-18 Brandon Riddell TKO1 Eric McNorris
2013-01-19 Khalid Yafai RTD4 Gonzalo Garcia
2013-01-19 Roberto Feliciano Bolonti RTD7/TKO8 Franco Raul Sanchez
2013-01-23 Delen Parsley RTD2 Tyrone Selders
2013-01-23 Eugene Russell KO1 Granson Clark
2013-01-25 Brian Vera TKO10 Serhiy Dzinziruk
2013-01-25 Edgar Santana TKO3 Eddie Soto
2013-01-25 Franklin Lawrence RTD2 Mark Brown
2013-01-25 Omar Douglas RTD2 David Warren Huffman
2013-01-30 Erick Martinez TKO2 Miguel Angel Garcia Nava
2013-02-01 Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo RTD4 Arief Blader
2013-02-08 Kevin Bizier RTD8 Nate Campbell
2013-02-09 Carlos Gabriel Ozan KO1 Modesto Rodriguez
2013-02-09 Javier Francisco Maciel TKO5 Emilio Julio Julio
2013-02-09 Micki Nielsen KO1 Josef Krivka
2013-02-09 Saul Juarez KO10 Armando Torres
2013-02-16 Brandon Cook RTD3 Raul Saiz
2013-02-16 Demetrius Hopkins RTD6 Charles Whittaker
2013-02-16 Jamel Herring RTD3 Carlos Lopez
2013-02-16 Joel Tambwe Djeko TKO6 Bassam Belkhir
2013-02-21 Czar Amonsot RTD6 Addisu Tebebu
2013-02-21 Patrick Day RTD1 Dominique Foster
2013-02-22 Ariel Vega TKO4 Jose Rodriquez
2013-02-22 Christian Hammer RTD6 Oleksiy Mazikin
2013-02-22 Manuel Charr RTD2 Yakup Saglam
2013-02-22 Simona Galassi RTD2 Gabriella Vicze
2013-02-22 Yunier Dorticos RTD3 Willie Herring
2013-02-23 Chris Avalos RTD4 Jose Luis Araiza
2013-02-26 Petch Kokietgym RTD8 Albert Alcoy
2013-03-01 Michal Syrowatka KO2 Laszlo Robert Balogh
2013-03-02 Genesis Servania TKO7 Angky Angkotta
2013-03-08 Renato De Donato TKO6 Antonio Santoro
2013-03-09 Darren Barker RTD4 Simone Rotolo
2013-03-09 Giovanni De Carolis RTD4 Artem Solomko
2013-03-09 Jon Hill RTD1 Greg Maynard
2013-03-10 Michael McLaughlin RTD1 Jimmy LeBlanc
2013-03-15 Gary Cornish TKO5 Humberto Evora
2013-03-15 Levan Ghvamichava RTD3 Angel Rios
2013-03-15 Sultahn Staton RTD2 Kenneth Brown
2013-03-16 Gustavo David Vittori TKO2 Diego Fernando Neira
2013-03-16 Marco Antonio Periban KO2 Samuel Miller
2013-03-16 Yesica Yolanda Bopp RTD5 Carolina Alvarez
2013-03-22 Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo TKO5 Nathan Bolcio
2013-03-22 Luciano Leonel Cuello RTD7/TKO8 Joaquim Carneiro
2013-03-22 Marc Pagcaliwangan RTD1 Jose Adan Fernandez
2013-03-22 Michael Walsh vs Krisztian Laufer
2013-03-23 Robert Stieglitz TKO4 Arthur Abraham
2013-03-25 Petch Kokietgym KO8 Dondon Jimenea
2013-03-29 Josh Wale RTD9 Ashley Lane
2013-03-29 Oleydong Sithsamerchai TKO7 Richard Garcia
2013-03-29 Tony Ingelrest RTD3 Ivica Cukusic
2013-03-30 Apti Davtaev RTD2 Ivan Bogdanov
2013-03-30 Callum Smith RTD1 Iain Jackson
2013-04-06 Azea Augustama RTD2 David McNemar
2013-04-06 Mark de Mori RTD4 Jonathan Pasi
2013-04-06 Roman Skerlo TKO1 Tarik Ipek
2013-04-06 Travis Clark TKO1 Martez Williamson
2013-04-08 Shinsuke Yamanaka TKO12 Malcolm Tunacao
2013-04-09 Saiyok Poompanmuang KO2 Muhammad Sapata
2013-04-12 Mikael Zewski KO2 Daniel Sostre
2013-04-18 Teerachai Kratingdaenggym KO3 Ronnel Esparas
2013-04-19 Andy Townend RTD8 Ben Wager
2013-04-19 Konstantin Airich TKO1 Claudiu George Dinu
2013-04-19 Konstantin Airich TKO1 Wieslaw Kwasniewski
2013-04-20 Artur Szpilka RTD1 Taras Bidenko
2013-04-20 Callum Smith KO1 Ruslans Pojonisevs
2013-04-20 Luis Alejandro Tejerina TKO3 Claudio Esteban Romero


If a bout is not mentioned which took place on one of the above cards it’s most likely because I haven’t got around to watching it yet. In the event that I do watch such a bout at a later time it’s still unlikely I will update this recap. My recaps will be posted once a week, devoted to cards that most casual American boxing fans haven’t seen or heard of. For available footage of the previously reported bouts follow @sweetboxing on twitter. You may also email the author of this piece at

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