Al Bernstein talks Mayweather vs Guerrero, Danny Garcia, Canelo Alvarez, and Amir Khan

Bryan Haraway

Al Bernstein discusses Mayweather-Guerrero, what's next for Floyd if he wins, Danny Garcia's potential, and the dilemma of Amir Khan.

Showtime boxing commentator Al Bernstein was a guest on 670 The Score in Chicago with Craig Miller, discussing his book, some recent fights, Mayweather vs Guerrero, and the potential in Mayweather vs Canelo down the line.

Here are some quotes:

On Danny Garcia:

"He keeps winning, he beats whoever's in front of him. He beat Amir Khan at a point when Amir Khan was thought to be the best at that weight, or potentially the best. When you look at him, Danny Garcia doesn't do anything the greatest, he just does a lot of things well. He reminds me of Chet Walker, the great forward for the Chicago Bulls, who when I was watching those great teams, you'd look up at the end of the game, and he's got 20 points, seven rounds, five assists, and you'd say, 'How did he get those? I really didn't see all those. How did that happen?' And that's the thing with Danny Garcia, he gets the job done. This last fight was probably a perfect example. I'm sure people will come away saying that, well, he's good and all, but, and they'll have a but there.

"Because 35-year-old Zab Judah in the last three rounds was able to take the battle to him, make what was a victory in which Danny Garcia clearly had won most of the rounds, to make it an exciting and semi-competitive fight. And so they'll be left with yet another question. I think Danny Garcia can do well in that division against anybody he would face. I'm not saying he would beat everybody. Maybe he will."

On Garcia's toughest potential matchup:

"The toughest matchup for him is Lucas Matthysse, but then I think Lucas Matthysse is the toughest matchup for anybody. He's improved as a fighter since he had his decision losses -- although I thought they were wins -- against Judah and Alexander, and he had both of them down in those fights. Since then, he's improved dramatically, and his power is amazing. If you are not a boxer, and you stand in front of Lucas Matthysse, it's pretty tough, because Lucas Matthysse has a great chin."

On Amir Khan's performance against Julio Diaz:

"I did score the fight, I think I had Khan up by a point or two at the end, maybe two points at the end. He put so many rounds in the bank. But I thought it was -- and God bless the judges in England, all of them scored it a very close fight. We always yell about boxing and how biased and corrupt the judges are. There's a case where all three judges just watched the fight and did the right thing.

"I thought it was close. Clearly, though, that raises -- every fight raises marketing issues for Amir Khan, doesn't it? He's always in exciting fights. You can look at it one of two ways. He's fun to watch, which he is. Every fight has drama in it. Or you can say that he never quite has lived up to his potential. I actually think he has lived up to his potential in terms of what he does, he just has one issue, and that is the chin. He tends to go down. So it makes him have to be even more perfect when he's fighting."

On Mayweather vs Guerrero:

"It might be (Floyd's toughest opponent) for several reasons, not all due to Guerrero. This is a 36-year-old version of Floyd. He's been off a year. He's handled these layoffs always perfectly, which defies all logic. You shouldn't be as sharp when you constantly keep coming back from a year layoff. But he's older, Guerrero's a lefty, and that's very important, because lefties like DeMarcus Corley and Zab Judah have at least given Mayweather problems.

"Equally important, the way Guerrero fights. We saw it against Berto. There are two things that are the case. One, Guerrero is not above bending the rules, and did so against Berto and Selcuk Aydin. And second, because he's a lefty, when Floyd goes to the ropes and does the shoulder roll, it takes away the right hand of a right-hander, and it still is hard for a right-hander to throw the left hook, because he's gotta throw it in a wider motion.

"A lefty, when (Floyd) does that shoulder roll, can use his own right hook to kind of push him into the punch that he now can deliver straight, as an uppercut as a straight punch. The punch gets there faster. So when Floyd turns in that way, a lefty is able to deliver the punch better, quicker, and faster.

"Victor Ortiz was a lefty, and he had Mayweather on the ropes, but Victor Ortiz didn't often approach as a true lefty. He squared up, and he wasn't even close to as good a fighter on the inside as Robert Guerrero. And he's not mentally tough-minded enough, so he got frustrated and headbutted. If Floyd Mayweather goes to the ropes, yes, this could be his toughest fight in a long time."

On Mayweather's standing as the best defensive fighter Bernstein has covered:

"Pernell Whitaker was the best. Floyd's right up there with him. Whitaker in his prime was almost unhittable. It was ridiculous. But I think Floyd is in the top two or three for sure."

On what Mayweather should do next, should he beat Guerrero:

"I think Canelo, and I think he wants to fight Canelo now. After Canelo-Trout, which Canelo certainly, you can make a strong case he won it. I thought it was a very close fight. The judges did not think it was a close fight. They somehow ordained him the winner prior to. But I'd like to see him fight Canelo for a variety of reasons.

"It's the fight that fight fans will say, yeah, that's appropriate, it's supposed to happen. Whenever that happens, a fight that's 'supposed to happen,' it helps boxing. It'll be great for the sport, because it'll be a hugely watched. And it will be him taking on a young, rising star.

"Alvarez wants this fight yesterday. I actually think he's better off if he got it a year from now. But he doesn't want to wait. And I think Floyd Mayweather wasn't sure until he saw this last fight, and because of certain things he saw in Alvarez, said to himself, 'I better take this fight right now.' I think he wants to."

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