Transnational Boxing Rankings Board

So, the Trans-National Boxing Rankings Board. Heard Teddy Atlas talking about it on ESPN Friday Night Fights recently. Read an article about it on today. So, I thought I'd take a look at their rankings and comment. Feel free to JOIN IN THE FUN----

I'm already caling bullshit after looking at the heavyweight rankings..

A). Vitali and Wladimir are never going to fight. They're brothers. They've said this numerous times. Wladimir has already beaten the guys they have ranked #3, #7, and #9 twice. He should be the champion.

B). How can they have Tomasz Adamek ranked but not Steve Cunningham? I guess they just go by Boxrec, and don't actually watch the fights?


A). So you have Huck ranked over Afolabi, Lebedev, and Arslan who he lost to, just not officially.

B). Ranking Hernandez that high and Ross that low.

C). Ranking Tarver despite being a drug cheat.


A). Ranking Pascal at #2 when the only fight he's won in 3 years is against a guy who was barely in the top#100 fighters in the world?

B). I will be the first to admit that Ward beating Dawson, and Dawson beating Hopkins, Pascal beating Dawson, and Hopkins beating Cloud and Pascal creates a tricky situation. I think the only thing that can be done is to make Chad Dawson NOT the 175lb champion. I mean, it's certainly disputable that he's "the best" at the weight.


No complaints.


No complaints, except it's time to remove Pirog.


I have issues with ranking Floyd in two weight classes, but I guess I can see why. Otherwise, no issues.




A). Wait. How are you going to have Mayweather ranked #1 at 154 and 147, but have Marquez ranked #2 at 147 and #8 at 140??? I guess it won't matter in 2 weeks.

B). Not sure I'd have Khan that high.


Can't argue.


I wouldn't have Rocky Martinez that high. He definitely lost his last fight, and arguably lost the one before that.


Fine. Just sucks that Garcia could theoretically beat everyone else in their top#10 and not be the champion just because Chris John will never fight him.


A). Really not sure I'd have Rigondeaux over Mares, but that's splitting hairs really.

B). WHOA, what? Mathebula at #3?



I don't really watch any fights below Bantamweight, so I will refrain from comment mostly. I will say that having Igarashi ranked over Viloria at Flyweight is kinda stupid.


No problem except I'm not sure how you rank Wladimir but not Vitali. They're championship reigns are of virtually equal capacity.. or maybe I'm not reading between the lines?

Wladimir's title history: beat Chris Byrd, beat Derrick Jefferson, beat Charles Shufford, beat Frans Botha, beat Ray Mercer, beat Jameel McCline, lost to Corrie Sanders, lost to Lamon Brewster, beat Chris Byrd [rematch], beat Calvin Brock, beat Ray Austin, beat Lamon Brewster [rematch], beat Sultan Ibragimov, beat Tony Thompson, beat Hasim Rahman, beat Ruslan Chagaev, beat Eddie Chambers, beat Samuel Peter, beat David Haye, beat Jean Marc Mormeck, beat Tony Thompson [rematch], beat Mariusz Wach, SCHEDULED: Francesco Pianeta

Vitali's title history: beat Herbie Hide, beat Ed Mahone, beat Obed Sullivan, lost to Chris Byrd, lost to Lennox Lewis, beat Corrie Sanders, beat Danny Williams, beat Samuel Peter, beat Juan Carlos Gomez, beat Chris Arreola, beat Kevin Johnson, beat Albert Sosnowski, beat Shannon Briggs, beat Odlanir Solis, beat Tomasz Adamek, beat Dereck Chisora, beat Manuel Charr, SCHEDULED: Nothing

- - -

So. Thoughts on the TBRB rankings?
Thoughts on my thoughts on their rankings?
Have at it ~~~

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