Floyd Mayweather: 'No fighter in history can make adjustments like me'

Floyd Mayweather answers a few fan questions for The RING's Real Talk, including possibly fighting in Europe, and a fantasy matchup with Thomas Hearns.

Like so many big stars in boxing history have done, should you be ready to come to Europe and give your fans the opportunity to see you fight at least one time?

"It's always been one of my dreams to come to Europe, but as of right now, I'm in a contract with the MGM Grand. I have a contract with Showtime and CBS. But it's always been my dream to go over to Europe and fight. Let them see me live, but you know, we don't never know what the future holds for Floyd Mayweather. We don't know if the MGM Grand wants to take me across seas, in due time, we'll see. Anything's possible."

Have you done anything different in training preparation for Guerrero's unorthodox, bully, on the ropes fighting style?

"I brought my dad back. He's back on my team. I'm happy my father's back with my team. It's not hard for Floyd Mayweather to make adjustments. I showed that in some past fights. He's gonna have to make some adjustments to me also. I think that no fighter in history can make adjustments like me. If you look at the Shane Mosley fight, I made adjustments, if you look at the Ortiz fight, I made adjustments, if you look at the De La Hoya fight, I made adjustments. Floyd Mayweather can always make adjustments."

Of all the opponents you have faced, which fighter do you think was the hardest all-around opponent, incorporating all aspects of power, speed, technique, agility, and stamina?

"Different fighters do different things good, but if I had to choose one fight that I fought in my 43 fights, two fighters I would say -- I would probably just say one. Emanuel Augustus. Really not no power, but he can just outright fight. He wasn't difficult, but he can just fight. He's not just roughhouse. He can box. He got good head movement. He's a complete fighter. His record don't reflect that, but inside that ring, it's just completely different."

What would you do if you had to engage with Hall of Famer Tommy Hearns?

"He's a hell of a boxer. A hell of a power puncher. I can't really say how the fight would play out, but my defense, if you look, I took less punishment in history -- the record books show that I took less punishment than any fighter in the history of boxing."

How would you nullify his power, take away his height, his reach?

"Tommy Hearns kinda reminds me of a Diego Corrales type fighter. Diego was more a stalker. Tommy was more, like, a pinpoint guy. Use my defense, be sharp, use my mind, outslick him."

30 months left in your career. What's one thing in boxing you haven't done that you want to accomplish before it's all over?

"I wanna have a whole roster of nothing but champions. I got my first champion, Ishe Smith. I wanna have a whole roster of champions. We have a lot of up and coming fighters under my banner, a lot of young amateur fighters I would like to work with, take them to that next level. I'd like to do it all. Train fighters, promote, like I said before, it's about doing a little bit of everything. I work corners, I promote the fight, I fight, I do it all."

Are you the baddest man on the planet?

"I'm one of the smartest fighters, I would say. It's about being smart. When the history books close on my life chapter, I would like to say that -- I still wanna be sharp. I want my vision to be sharp, I wanna be able to hear, I wanna be able to move, I still wanna be agile. I think that I'm blessed. I'm not far from 40 and I'm still going strong, I'm still going good, and my fan base is steady growing. That's a great thing."

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