Richard Schaefer, Sampson Lewkowicz rip into one another

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer and Sampson Lewkowicz have gotten themselves into a media war, with Lewkowicz accusing Schaefer of owing him money and getting him blackballed at Showtime, and Schaefer saying he's got no idea what's going on.

Richard Schaefer and Sampson Lewkowicz are power players in the sport of boxing, and since they both are able to make money and all that stuff, they now appear to hate one another. Yay! It never gets old!

Lewkowicz says Schaefer owes him money and got him shut out at Showtime:

"[H]e fucked me with $20,000 and never paid me, even though it was allocated as an expense on that event. And I want to know, did he keep that money for himself or did give it back to the company? ... I'm very happy that this smart banker opened the can of worms. It's shameful what he did because I was his best soldier, a loyal soldier for over ten years and now he threatens to put me out of business. I was waiting for him to open the can of worms, so I could let him know the real Richard Schaefer. In my personal opinion he's a crook because owes me that money.

"He told me at the Mandalay Bay that I'm either with him or else he's going to put me out business in the same way that he's going to put Top Rank out of business. And I will never be a part of that, because it's not being a human being if I'm working to put people out of business instead of joining forces."

Schaefer says he doesn't know what Lewkowicz is talking about:

"I have no fucking clue what he is talking about. I think he has a hangover from drinking the Top Rank and the HBO Kool-Aid. His allegations are absolutely not true. He has to make up his mind if he is a promoter or a manager, because maybe he should look at the rules and regulations in the United States because your can't be both. These are false allegations and obviously he's drinking that Top Rank and HBO Kool-Aid and I just hope that he's not going to have a hangover."

Kool-Aid Hangover: The joke so nice Tricky Dick made it twice!

Here's the bottom line: Someone is lying, maybe both of them. Terrific!

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