Macau boxing weights and quotes: Zou Shiming, Viloria-Estrada, Martinez-Magdaleno, more

Chris Farina/Top Rank

Top Rank's debut in Macau is good to go, with the pro debut of two-time Olympic gold medalist Zou Shiming headlining the Saturday event.

Here are the weights for tomorrow's card in Macau, featuring Zou Shiming's pro debut, plus Brian Viloria, Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, Rocky Martinez vs Diego Magdaleno, and more.

Zou Shiming, 111 vs Eleazar Valenzuela, 111.6
Brian Viloria, 111.2 vs Juan Francisco Estrada, 112
Rocky Martinez, 130 vs Diego Magdaleno, 130
Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, 122 vs Yasutaka Ishimoto, 121.8
Milan Melindo, 112.6 vs Tommy Seran, 108.8
Dodie Boy Penalosa Jr 123.4 vs Nimthra Sithsaithong, 122.4
Paul Fleming, 129.4 vs Ryusei Yoshida, 129.2
Dave Penalosa, 119.8 vs Cheroenchai Sithsaithong, 118.8

We'll have live coverage tomorrow. Top Rank will have an undercard stream beginning at 6 am EDT, which if I'm awake for that, screw it, I'll watch the whole show with y'all. A live thread will be up in time for that, too. The BoxNation broadcast in the UK begins at 9:30 am EDT, and I'll definitely be up and here for that. The U.S. TV broadcast is a tape delay on HBO2, starting at 2 pm EDT. Don't complain if you get results "spoiled." The real world is live, chief!


"Things came easy for me early in my career which is why I lost my titles. I've learned from those experiences. I know at this stage of my career I have to put my full capacity into my training. When your opponent brings his ‘A Game' you'd better be ready. I have also developed an appreciation of my current reign as world champion that I did not have before. I enjoy being the best in my division.

"I don't see this as an easy fight. Estrada has the ability to be a champion. He's very good. My edge over him in this fight will be my experience and the patience that comes from it.

"I never thought I'd be the last of the 2000 U.S. Olympic team still fighting but now that I am I think it's very cool. I'm representing my teammates - my Olympic homies.

"Zou is quick-handed and has great foot movement. He does not have that pop yet. Freddie [Roach] is teaching him to sit on is punches. He's got a good chin. He can take a punch."


"I can go toe-to-toe with Viloria. It's an easier style for me to fight against. My youth could be an advantage. I'll be fresher. I'll have to box more to avoid Viloria's explosiveness. Juan Manuel Márquez's victory over Manny Pacquiao has inspired me and all of México. It made me so happy."


"Martinez only has an ‘A Plan.' He looks to land that big right hand. He loads up and presses it. I will win and make this fight easy by outboxing him and outthinking him. I have scouted him in-person, attending his fights and watching loads of tape. My style has matured. Las Vegas needs someone like me to represent the city."


"I never heard of Zou Shiming before taking this fight against him. I only had nine amateur fights. The biggest purse I've fought for so far is $400. I'm here to win. The crowd makes no difference to me. I'm not fighting the crowd. I'm fighting Zou. Will he be shocked when he is hit by a professional fighter for the first time? He'll be shocked when he's hit by this professional fighter."

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