MMA VS. Boxing: Natural Instinct Vs. Multiple Disciplines Vs. Reality Vs. Fantasy

I don't care what Jon Jones condescendingly says during a radio interview when asked about boxing and mma and whether or not one is closer to an actual real fight than the other. Reality might have something to say about Mr. Jones and his arrogant response to an otherwise run of the mill moronic answer that only a moron would ask. The truth is boxing and mma both resemble aspects of a "real fight" because in real fights I would imagine punches are thrown and take downs are a plenty. I have never seen a fight outside of maybe the light saber battles on Star Wars where punches weren't being thrown with bad intentions and the two quarreling parties didn't end up grabbing each other and going to the ground at some point.

I don't care how far in the tank you are when it comes to boxing or mixed martial arts, if you don't know how to throw a punch or aren't strong enough to keep someone from taking you to the ground, when it comes to a fight you're a screwed pooch.

You also have to take into account the natural instincts and responses that take place in a "real fight". In real fights it more resembles stages on Streets of Rage than the Octagon. What some mixed martial arts fans and fighters don't realize is that unlike the UFC, there are no unified rules in a back alley brawl or some parking lot dispute over a chick. If I see a trash can, beer bottle, a thick branch, something I can use to inflict as much pain as possible, if you as my opponent won't take that into consideration I deserve to whoop your butt based on that alone. In a "real fight" weapons are almost always expected to be at the ready whether its a convention weapon like a knife or a gun, or something improvised.

Reality allows me to ask such a question as this: Would you rather break into Mike Tyson's home or the home of Anderson Silva? A smart person would say neither. Even if Anderson Silva is a mixed martial artist and Mike Tyson is only a boxer, both know how to fight and could just as easily exercise the same level of damage to someone looking to rob their house. You can't measure those scenarios because if you know who Mike Tyson is then you know how he operates when it comes to throwing hands. Same goes for Silva, he's a very deadly individual.

You have just as slim a chance in beating Floyd Mayweather in a street fight as you do Jon Jones. It has nothing to do with what type of combat sport they're involved in and everything to do with the fact that both guys can fight period.

I'm sure over the history of the sport boxers have been involved in bar fights or wherever else you can fight outside the ring. And I'm sure said boxers were pretty confident in those situations. Like I said Jon Jones can take someone down but when that person grabs a bottle and smashes it across his head then what? Now reality kicks the door down.

We gotta stop thinking like we're in a movie or some video game. If you get into a bar fight you won't have this cleared space where you can perform clean mma techniques and just walk away unharmed. Odds are you're either going to get hurt real bad, get killed with a weapon, beaten to a bloody pulp by a large group of people, or all of the above will happen to the person you're beefing with.

This isn't a Steven Seagal movie where all the fight scenes are choreographed and the punches and kicks land exactly where the director wants them to land. Once someone grabs you and you end up on the concrete you don't know what's going to happen. You might have an idea what you want to have happen but those predetermined mental narratives you create before a fight very rarely if ever come to fruition.

A majority of street fights, aka "real fights" end in more people getting involved than first anticipated, death, or something both. You might know Judo and Muay Thai but I have yet to see a Judoka hip toss a bullet.

Jon Jones is wrong on this issue. If you're a professional fighter in general you have the inherit advantage.

Case closed.

I had to write this because for one I agree with Brent Brookhouse in what he wrote on Bloody Elbow. And two, people who follow mixed martial arts and most mixed martial artists themselves foolishly believe that if someone grabbed Floyd Mayweather or some other boxer by the shirt or tried to wrestle them down, said boxer wouldn't know how to fight back....but that's not reality now is it? Try grabbing Floyd Mayweather like there's something wrong with you and see if he won't respond in kind. You might walk away with some serious physical trauma. BECAUSE HE CAN FIGHT!!!!!!

Rant over, or a rant or debunking a stupid myth?

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