Alexander vs Purdy: Picks and predictions from the BLH staff


Does underdog Lee Purdy have any hope tomorrow against Devon Alexander in Atlantic City?

Scott Christ

I've seen Lee Purdy fight enough to feel like I know what he's capable of, and more importantly, what he is not. Lee Purdy is a good domestic contender in the UK, which sounds like crap, so let me put it another way: He's a solid welterweight, but he is a good bit short of world class level. That's just the facts as I see them having watched Purdy in action against the likes of Craig Watson, Colin Lynes, Gumersindo Carrasco, and others. Alexander is not an elite fighter, but he's a legitimate top ten welterweight who 15 months ago wiped the floor with Marcos Maidana, and then easily avoided Randall Bailey last October to win a clear if boring decision. A > B so A > C isn't always the case in boxing, but would I pick Purdy over Maidana, or even Bailey? Probably not, honestly. He's got no shot with Alexander, and will be sorely outclassed. Alexander TKO-6.

Tom Craze

While this is clearly a huge step up for Purdy, and almost certainly a step too far at that, it's actually a fight that I'm fairly intrigued about. It's an interesting style clash. Alexander's difficult to pin down at the moment - against the right opponent (see Maidana), he can look fantastic, against the wrong one and he can be painfully dull, as he was last time out against Bailey despite winning nearly every round without breaking so much as a sweat.

If nothing else, Purdy should be the right kind of opponent for him - and we know what we're likely to get from him. He's an entertaining watch, in general, but, with all due respect to those he's fought before, Devon Alexander is simply much, much better. He's not a 20/1 favourite here for nothing. Were it Kell Brook in the B-side here I'd be sticking to the same prediction, too. Alexander by decision.

Kory Kitchen

Despite being from Missouri, I must admit that I am not a big fan of Devon Alexander. He gets hometown decisions, and his style reeks worse than my niece's diapers. That said, I think he beats Purdy handily. He will move in and out (mostly out) and not let Purdy to land anything clean. Alexander will pump the jab continuously, and hold if things get too close for his liking. I pray this does not earn him a fight with Floyd Mayweather in the fall. Alexander by wide decision.

Dave Oakes

Alexander's a quality operator and a seasoned world champion, albeit of a slightly lower standard than the Bradley's, Pacquiao's and Marquez's of the world. He's a significant step-up in class for Purdy, who hasn't fought above domestic level before - if you discount a washed-up Cosme Rivera earlier this year.

Purdy throws a lot of punches and can bang a bit, he'll be looking to constantly pressurize Alexander, which is something the St. Louis fighter doesn't always look comfortable with. The trouble for Purdy is that he fights in straight lines, isn't the quickest and has appalling footwork - at times he ends up standing square on and leaves himself vulnerable when doing so.

Speed and movement are key for Alexander, he's a clever boxer who is miles ahead of Purdy in terms of ability, footwork and speed. Colin Lynes thoroughly outboxed Purdy 18 months ago and whilst Purdy has shown improvements since, it's hard to imagine him being able to cope with Alexander. Purdy will be aggressive, he knows no other way, he may come a cropper with that approach, though. I can see Alexander peppering Purdy with clean shots as the Brit comes forward, eventually those shots will take there toll and Purdy will do well to see the twelve rounds out. Alexander TKO9

Final Tally: Devon Alexander 4, Lee Purdy 0.

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