How I scored it: Hagler v Leonard

A couple weeks ago I thought it would be cool to start a new feature on here. I decided that I'd watch or re-watch famous contentious Boxing decisions and write a fanpost on BLH on how I scored the fight and allow others to discuss. If the review from the community is good, I'll keep doing it. I've decided the first fight I'm going to watch and score on here will be: Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler for the WBC & Ring Magazine Middleweight Championships. Hagler professes to this day he was robbed. Leonard says otherwise. How did I see it? We'll find out

Round 1 - 10-9 Leonard

This was easy. Leonard was quick, efficient, and landed punches. Hagler landed nothing of note and Leonard landed the cleaner, more effective shots. Clear round for Sugar Ray.

Round 2 - 10-9 Leonard, 20-18

Hagler landed slightly more but Leonard still was far more faster and easily landing the flush shots. Another clear round for Leonard.

Round 3 - 10-9 Leonard, 30-27.

Closest round of the fight up to that point. Hagler fought Southpaw and was able to easily cut off the ring from Leonard and won the exchanges. Second portion of the round though Leonard caught Hagler's thunder and again was quicker and landed more flush shots and just shaded the round.

Round 4 - 10-9 Leonard, 40-36

Another easy round for Leonard. To this point the fight was simple: Leonard moves, Hagler wildly misses, Leonard lands flush shots, moves, Hagler wildly misses. Easy for Sugar Ray.

Round 5 - 10-9 Hagler, 49-46 Leonard

You could see Leonard start to tire. And Hagler pounced. He found his range, cut off the ring from Leonard, and made him pay. First round for Marvelous Marvin

Round 6 - 10-9 Hagler, 58-56 Leonard

Close round. Both men seemed to tire, but Leonard seemed to be dead on his feet. Hagler slightly landed the more effective punches and just squeaked the round.

Round 7 - 10-9 Hagler, 67-66 Leonard

Leonard was visibly tired. His punches lacked snap and Hagler really found his range. Landed a lot of nice combos to the body and upstairs. Hagler's jab though ruled the round.

Round 8 - 10-9 Hagler, 76-76

There was just nothing on Leonard's punches. Hagler just walked through them and kept pounding to the body and landing several stiff jabs. Everything was going Hagler's way in the middle rounds.

Round 9 - 10-9 Hagler, 86-85

What a round. What a round. Both men gave as good as they got. Furious rallies. Hagler though just had the more snap and power on his punches and got the better of the exchanges. Into Round 10, Hagler leads on my card.

Round 10 - 10-9 Leonard, 95-95

Weird round, tough round to score. Leonard didn't land anything that hurt Hagler but Hagler just wasn't able to get off and he landed more. Weird round, tight round but in favor of Ray Leonard.

Round 11 - 10-9 Hagler, 105-104

This is where I think Hagler had reason to be upset. Hagler was the aggressor, the controller of the fight. He came forward and landed more effectively. Leonard would land a 5 punch flurry in which nothing landed. But it caught the judges eye, it got the crowd excited. The judges warmed to Leonard's effort. But he didn't land effectively. Hagler did. Hagler's round

Round 12 - 10-9 Hagler, 115-113

Similar round. Hagler was the aggressor, he was controlling the fight, he was landing the cleaner shots but Leonard's rallies which looked nice but didn't land much managed to show up better to the judges. Another Hagler round for me.

Final Scorecard: 115-113 Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Hagler after Round 4 dominated. He was the aggressor, he landed more, he walked through Leonard's punches, and Leonard's ability to land furious comeback rallies which didn't land anything managed to help him steal rounds on the judges' scorecards he didn't deserve. It was a very close fight but one that was won not because of who deserved the fight but who managed to effectively impress the judges. Hagler deserved the fight, he won it, Leonard impressed the judges. Leonard won the decision.

There you have it. My scorecard on one of the most, if not the most, controversial decision in boxing history. Discuss and give feedback in the comments and most importantly: If you enjoyed this feature, write in the comments what you would like me too do next. I'll add them all up and I'll post it next week. Discuss!

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