Mayweather vs Guerrero: Floyd Sr and Ruben Guerrero nearly brawl after 'woman beater' comments

And here's what really happened at yesterday's press conference.

While the official press release quotes from yesterday's Mayweather-Guerrero press conference didn't include any of this stuff, the real story of the event was the war of words and near-physical confrontation between Ruben Guerrero, father and trainer of Robert, and Floyd Mayweather Sr, father and trainer of Floyd Jr.

Brent Brookhouse transcribed this, and since we're friends, I'm just going to steal that, and not give him credit (oh, wait, I screwed that up):

Ruben Guerrero: My son's blessed, I'm blessed, no matter what I am...I am what I am, and I'm the real deal. And I don't talk shit, I back it up. I back it up, baby! We're gonna beat up that woman beater. The one that beat up his wife, man. His wife in front of his kids! You guys like that shit? You like this guy? Woman beater! He must have learned that from his dad! Woman beater, baby! We're gonna beat that woman beater! See how he's gonna like it. He's gonna get it from a real man!

Floyd Mayweather Sr.: Sit down with your old ass.

Guerrero: Woman beater! We're gonna beat that woman beater!

Mayweather Sr.: Wino! He a wino! Sit down, sucka! When I whoop your ass you're gonna know what's going on.

Guerrero: Any time! I'm ready!

Mayweather would continue, "I'll knock you out. I'm knockin' you out. I'm knockin' you out, punk. You tryin' to avoid me, sissy. Fuckin' punk. Sissy. Punk ass bastard. You scared of me, you motherfucker. You scared of me. You scared of me, punk. I beat your sissy ass, punk!"

So there you have it! We've got one guy saying the other dude uses his wife's battle with leukemia for sympathy, and the other team responding with the "woman beater" comments, which nearly leads to a brawl between two old men.


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