Froch vs Kessler II, Bellew vs Chilemba II, Narvaez, FNF, more: Boxing TV schedule for May 24-26

Scott Heavey

Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler headline this weekend's action, with plenty more on the boxing schedule, too.

Friday, May 24

TV Publica (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Carolina Raquel Duer vs Sabrina Maribel Perez.

ESPN2, 10:00 pm EDT, Delvin Rodriguez vs Freddy Hernandez, Issouf Kinda vs Chris Howard. A decent FNF double-header, with a couple of familiar veteran fringe contenders in the main event. Both Rodriguez and Hernandez are credible, solid fighters, but short of the top level. So this is pretty well-matched, and looks to have good action potential on paper. BLH will have live coverage.

CadenaTres (Mexico), 11:00 pm EDT, Abdiel Ramirez vs Jorge Martinez, Miguel Roman vs Rafael Urias.

Saturday, May 25


HBO (US) / Sky Box Office (UK), 3:00 pm EDT, Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler II, Tony Bellew vs Isaac Chilemba II, George Groves vs Noe Gonzalez Alcoba. HBO will pick up coverage at 6:00 pm EDT for the main event. We'll be here for the full card, of course. Bellew-Chilemba was a pretty lousy fight the first time around, a draw if ever I've seen one, in that I didn't think either guy really wound up earning the win. Armchair quarterback blah blah. Froch-Kessler could really be terrific, though; personally, I can see it being better than the first fight. Kessler has been aggressive since his return, and Froch is never in a truly dull fight. Groves is keeping busy against Alcoba. BLH will have live coverage.

TyC Sports (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Omar Narvaez vs Felipe Orucuta. This is actually a good fight. Narvaez is now again the clear No. 1 in the division, for our money anyway, and Orucuta is an actual contender. This is Omar's best matchup since that paycheck turd he laid against Donaire.

Direct TV (Argentina), 8:00 pm EDT, Marcelino Nicolas Lopez vs Sergio Javier Escobar, Diego Gonzalo Luque vs Martin Antonio Coggi.

Televisa (Mexico), 11:00 pm EDT, Zulina Munoz vs Soledad Macedo.

Sunday, May 26

Rossiya-2 (Russia), 12:15 pm EDT, Oleg Maskaev vs Jason Gavern. Finally, an exciting heavyweight fight.

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