Antonio Margarito reportedly planning boxing comeback

Al Bello

With financial difficulties stemming from a divorce, Antonio Margarito is reportedly planning a return to the boxing ring at age 35.

With one good eye and a messy divorce that hit him hard financially, Antonio Margarito is reportedly planning a boxing comeback at age 35, following a retirement last year that seemed to be in his best interests, health-wise.

From Edgar Gonzalez:

Rumor is that his divorce with Michelle, who is currently pregnant by a family friend, has become a nightmare, granting Michelle a multi-million settlement forcing the "Tijuana Tornado" to sell several of his assets.

With Margarito's new baby with his new girl, Lorena Vidales, he wants to take on a big-money fight to help him financially.

The Mexican fighter hasn't been in the ring since his December 2011 rematch loss to Miguel Cotto, which came by stoppage after 10 rounds, as the doctor ruled he could not continue with his previously injured eye swollen shut.

Margarito (38-8, 27 KO) hasn't really looked good in any fight since beating Cotto in 2008, a fight that has been seriously questioned since Margarito and ex-trainer Javier Capetillo were caught with illegal substances in their hand wraps prior to Margarito's 2009 loss to Shane Mosley. Since then, Margarito has gone 1-2, beating Roberto Garcia in Mexico before returning to the States for losses to Manny Pacquiao and Cotto.

So who can Margarito fight for big money? Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, I guess, but I don't know that there's any interest in that. Canelo Alvarez, too, but again, would anyone want to see that? Cotto is still worth money, but the same question applies again. A rematch with Mosley? No money in it.

Of course, I don't know what Margarito is considering a "big paycheck" right now.

The Pacquiao fight irreversibly harmed whatever future career Margarito had left, as the "Tijuana Tornado" took a vicious beating that left his right eye badly damaged, making it an easy target for Cotto, and it would seem for any fighter who ever fights him again. The eye is noticeably damaged and the surgery to repair the injuries has left it with a sort of "wandering" or "lazy" effect.

If Margarito does return, he may find it hard to pass medical exams in states like Nevada or even New York, which licensed him last time out, but did so with a lot of drama entirely because of the injury. An eye injury is nothing to play with, but boxing is the way that Margarito makes money. It's not a new story in the sport, and I doubt many will be surprised by this news.

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