Froch-Kessler II Highlights The Greatness and Conundrum That Is Andre Ward

The rematch between Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler this Saturday at the 02 Arena will essentially decide who is the second fiddle to Andre Ward at 168 pounds. Both men were soundly defeated by Ward and since that time Andre has gone on to thoroughly dismantle undisputed light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson back in September of last year.

The truth hurts my friend, to echo Angel Garcia because the truth is Andre Ward is the best fighter between 168 and 175 in a moment frozen in which there are only two worthy equals currently operating within the same realm. He's already beaten Chad Dawson but Dawson has openly expressed his desire to rematch Ward at 175 pounds later on in the year for the light heavyweight crown; and Bernard Hopkins refuses to fight a man in Ward he considers his apprentice of sorts.

There are other options, a rerun of the same episode against the winner of Froch-Kessler, although you might want to save yourself the time; Ward will never lose to either man.


In theory it can be made providing Pascal prevails against Lucian Bute when the two meet up next winter. I like this fight because Pascal though lacking in the foundation department when it comes to boxing skills, has the athleticism, power, and raw aggression to give Ward at least something intriguing in terms of a viable opponent.

Ward would beat him but the pressure of Pascal would at least play an interesting role in the fight.

Ward-Chavez Jr.:

This is one of two likely options for Andre Ward. Bob Arum has come out and said he wants the fight and Ward wants the fight as well. Chavez Jr. is a light heavyweight masquerading as a middleweight because his handlers felt he's got more of an advantage because of his size, minus the skills to bully smaller opponents whereas at 168 and 175 he would have to deal with bigger opponents who would no doubt school him. I think Junior Chavez needs a big fight just as much as Ward because the kid didn't do himself any favors by not throwing a single important punch until the 12 round against Sergio Martinez. The Martinez fight was his chance to prove he was worthy, he didn't, beating Ward would do just that; prove Chavez Jr. worthy.

Ward-Dawson II (175):

This is the fight I want to see more so than a rematch between Carl Froch and Andre Ward. Although, to shut Eddie Hearn and Carl Froch up once and for all would be the greatest moment in boxing history because those two are the biggest tool bags walking the Earth. Hearn especially, the dude just rubs me the wrong way and I think he's more arrogant than he's worth.

The first Ward-Dawson clash took place at 168 pounds for Ward's WBC/WBA/Ring titles. Dawson for his part was allowed to keep his 175 pound belts.

Blame fatigue, Dawson being gun shy, the fact is Ward took him apart in a fight that was more one sided tutorial than the balanced highly technical close points affair most fans initially anticipated when the fight was first announce last August.

I was disappointed as a Dawson fan because I felt had it been at light heavyweight or at least catch weight of 172 the fight would have been more competitive. I also hate when two of my favorite fighters go against each other and one dominates so clearly. I felt the same way about Donaire-Rigondeaux. I know it happens in the sport but I hate when two fighters I think highly of go at it because I become torn and have to choose.

Ward-Froch II:

At the end of the day we're probably headed toward a rematch in the UK between Andre Ward and Carl Froch. If Froch destroys Mikkel Kessler the call for a rematch against Andre Ward will almost be too loud to dismiss. The momentum for Froch and the history of personal animosity on Carl's part toward Ward makes for a pretty solid rivalry albeit pretty one sided.

Let me set the record straight for all you "non-believers" (See Bart Scott), Andre Ward made Carl Froch look like he was 55 instead of 35. Ward out gunned him, outsmarted him, out boxed him, had the faster hands, superior footwork, bullied Froch, and at moments in the fight intimidated him with masterful inside fighting.

The clown shoes judge who gave Froch more rounds than he actually won made people think the fight was closer than it actually was. That fight was never close at any point no matter how many times you watch it from as many angles as you like. Ward took Froch, who is a limited boxer to begin with and he totally nullified Carl's best weapon which is powerful offensive boxing. Carl Froch couldn't hit Andre Ward with two hands full of rice if Andre's feet were glued to the canvas.

And you look at Carl's face going back to the corner after the rounds, the man looked bewildered.

The rematch could be on Mars and Ward would still win. I think Froch has a personal resentment toward Andre because I don't think he accepts the fact that Ward is so much better than him. I think leading up to their fight Carl Froch looked at Andre Ward as an unproven American hype job and didn't see him as much of a threat. The schooling he took and the adulation and praise of Ward after the fact really grates Carl you can tell whenever someone brings up Andre Ward during an interview. If class was in session on my tail like it was on Carl's then I wouldn't like Andre Ward either.

Other potential opponents for Andre Ward:

Gennedy Golovkin

Peter Quillin (Quillin is the second biggest middleweight after Chavez Jr., he could easily make 168)

Tavoris Cloud

Nathan Cleverly (Vince Cleverly has said he wants his son to fight Andre Ward in two years)

George Groves

James DeGale

Andre Dirrell (Won't ever happen because the two are friends and Dirrell is too busy at the moment not being busy)

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