Interview with Matthysse for Argentinian radio, some translations included

For the Spanish speakers out there, here´s the link:

They interviewed him right upon arriving back to his country. I have translated some parts that I found interesting.

He´s first asked about the Americans calling him The Argentinian Machine and claiming he´s got bricks in place of his fists, he then replies with the typical stuff, it was going to be a really tough fight, he is a very good fighter, we trained hard, we are very happy, etc. He sounds quite humble.

Then another interviewer says Sergio Martínez has told him Matthysse will be fighting Mayweather in a year. He answers going back to how hard he trained and maybe that was the reason Maravilla spoke so nicely about what he saw in the ring.

After that, the interviewer asks about his next step, and talks about García, and how he was there at the end of the fight looking quite worried. Matthysse then gives praise to Peterson, saying he was top level in the division, having beaten some of the best before. He doesn´t say anything about García at all.

Interviewer asks again about Danny García. Matthysse: "He is good, it´s going to be a very good fight. I saw him a bit slow in his fight against Zab Judah. Truth is that´s a fight I´ve been looking for and now it seems the United States (yeah he actually says this, like the U.S. as a whole decide on these matters, quite funny) wants to make it, so I really wish it can be made, since I want it and I see myself really well prepared for it.

Next, they ask him about the possibilty that García wanted, and was expecting Peterson to win because was afraid of fighting Matthysse.

Answer: "For sure, they were pretty confident Peterson was going to win, the thought he was going to be superior and I was just putting up a good fight. But well, we overcame him. It wasn´t easy at all, we trained hard and now we´ll see. In September, I think, they say it´s the García fight, so let´s train hard for it."

Question: Does it bother you that there´s rumours about you using forbidden substances?

Answer: "No, not really! Yes, it´s that there was a lot of talking about that because Dallas´ manager watched me taking my vitamins, the ones I always take. I took controls before, after, and everything is fine. I just take that because my conditioning trainer told me so, it´s the only thing I take because I don´t like that stuff. I train a lot, let them come and watch the trainings. It´s in that, not in any forbidden substance."

Then they ask him about other fighters and fights, friends, family, how he´s resting for some days, relaxing his eating habits, and other stuff.

Next, they got back to it and ask him what would be after the potential García fight.

He says: "first there´s García, then they talk about Khan maybe by the end of the year, then they talk about Mayweather (he chuckles a bit), I don´t know, they are talking a lot! I wish they could make all those fight and well, getting to Mayweather, the truth is that would be a dream!"

Then they ask him about the comparisons with Manny Pacquiao. He says thay they were all very happy, and with the adrenaline of the moment the yanks got all excited and said all kinds of things.

Asked about the future for him in and outside the rings after he retires: "Well yes, I´d like to fight Mayweather, I aspire to it, it would be my dream and I would like to get to it now that it´s been proposed to me. Then I expect to fight some more years, and after that I´ll retire and I´d like to own a gym, and then teach the young kids. I´d want to teach kids from 6 to 10 years because that´s something beatiful. It´s something that they do in the U.S. and it´s something beautiful. I lived it when I was in the bootcamps with Maravilla and all the little kids were there, and they taught them and what I saw, the little kids learing, I would like to do that when I retire."

Interviewer asks about how that Mayweather fight would be a great leap forward not only in his career, but also in the economic side of it.

Answer: "Yes, for sure, I was just speaking to my friends and they are all freaked out, they are dreaming even more than me about it. They have a lot of faith in me and to me, that would just be a dream, so if I have to fight him I´m going to train, I´ll give all my life at it and I´ll leave all of it up there, because he´s the best, and to get the undefeated out from him would be something very good. So if it happens, I´m gonna dream with that, take his undefeated, make a good fight and stay in history."

Interviewer says that in the last fight, Mayweather looked a bit slow, and watching Lucas fight, seems to him that Matthysse is faster nowadays (¿?).

Answer: "No, no, Mayweather has this style... he didn´t look any slow to me! He´s an excellent fighter, constant counter-puncher, the truth is he´s a difficult fighter, a strange one. But I have faith in myself, so if I get to the fight I´ll kill myself training and I´ll put up a good fight."

Keeping with Floyd, interviewer asks what do you have to do to beat Mayweather, because of his speed and defense.

Answer: "Yes, of course, you have to have a very good plan. But you also have to hit him in the arms, in the elbows... if you leave him alone, he hits you from everywhere. You have to stick close to him and throw to wherever you can. If you stay close to his body and you hit him in the shoulders, in the arms, in the elbows, you "loosen" him. And I think that´s where the secret is, pressuring him and hitting him in any place you can all the time."

Interviewer says how Murray wasn´t favoured in his fight and then goes back to the Judah and Alexander losses in which they robbed him. So he asks what does a boxer think in those moments.

Answer: "Well the Judah fight helped me a lot, it opened my mind up, because I realized that if I could beat Judah, who is a very good fighter, and then the same happened with Alexander, I gained a lot of confidence and that made me think I can win a fight against any of the best fighters out there."

About Mayweather, he´s in welterweight, LM is in lightweight, so how would that go, seeing that they are negotiating a fight with Canelo and they´ve asked him to come down to welterweight.

Answer: "Yes, of course, I would have to go up to welterweight, but I would do it if I got offered the fight, no doubt. There´s no problem, yes, I would have to work a lot, I would have to put those 3 kilos in my body, but with a good training I don´t think there´s a problem with that."

The he tells the young boys that they just go to the gym, start learning, try hard and if you want it and work on it, you can get there.

Then they ask him about a possible fight against Maidana. He says maybe, he doesn´t really know, they fought in the amateurs, he´s a different category now but if they end up in the same one and both want to fight, he´s fine with that.

Then he says he supports Boca Juniors but he´s not much into football, says he doesn´t watch a lot of boxing either, but he watches the good fights, the ones that he likes.

Asked about his idol, his favourite fighter. Answer: "Yeah I admire Oscar de la Hoya, Chávez, I liked those boxers."

Then he asks him about Broner, another one that comes strong: "Yes, he´s very talented, just moving up in weight and I think he´ll give a lot to talk about. He´s a very good fighter, a big guy, and the truth is he boxes very well."

Then they speak about Hopkins. He says Hopkins got to him after the fight and they talked a bit. He says Hopkins spoke really nice words to him and gave him some advice too. They had to use a translator since he doesn´t understand anything at all when spoken at in English.

To close it up, they ask him and he says he´s not much into any other sport, he just watches movies from time to time.

Then he says after the fight, when does the strong training starts for the next one, what he does, etc... He says after the fight he takes bath, surfs the internet, watches the fight, and then rests. Now he has 15 days off and then they´ll see what fight comes up, he wishes it´s the García one.

That´s it folks, forgive any grammar, spelling, translation or whatever mistakes, I hope it interests some people!

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