How I scored it 2: De La Hoya-Whitaker

Since my first edition enjoyed some good reception I've decided to come back with another edition of my feature: How I scored it. I'll watch one of the most contentious decisions in boxing history, tell you how I scored it, and then let you post in the comments how you scored the fight. The first edition was Leonard-Hagler which I scored 115-113 for Marvin Hagler. Next up is another very contentious decision between at the time, rising star, and division king. It's Oscar De La Hoya v Pernell Whitaker. A fight that went comfortably the way of De La Hoya but some feel might have went the way of a man who knows all too well about being robbed by the judges, Pernell Whitaker. This is how I scored it.

Round 1 - 10-9 Whitaker

De La Hoya landed some decent right hands in the clinches but overall, this was a Whitaker round. Moved effectively, stuck his jab well, and was the more comfortable fighter.

Round 2 - 10-9 De La Hoya, 19-19

Far better round from De La Hoya. Used his right hand, landed some good leads, and countered very well. This was the exact round Oscar needed.

Round 3 - 10-9 De La Hoya, 29-28 same

It was a Whitaker type round but De La Hoya landed 2 big left uppercuts and a very stiff, big left hand. De La Hoya by virtue of the bigger shots.

Round 4 - 10-8 De La Hoya, 39-36 same

De La Hoya landed the stiffer shots and landed some nice blows in a late end of round flurry. Whitaker just wasn't landing effectively or getting off. WBC rules dictate Whitaker is deducted a point for a headbutt (accidental) so it stupidly is a 10-8 DLH round

Round 5 - 10-9 Whitaker, 48-46 De La Hoya

Far better round from Whitaker. Landed his jab very effectively and avoided De La Hoya's biggest shots. Round to Pernell

Round 6 - 10-9 Whitaker, 57-56 De La Hoya

This time it was a Whitaker with a nice rally late. Landed effectively with the left hand and was still landing his jabs. Some nice shots from Oscar out of the southpaw stance but Whitaker nicks it.

Round 7 - 10-9 Whitaker, 66-66

Comfortable round from Whitaker. Landed his jab effectively and also landed a nice body shot. Oscar landed basically nothing of note. Easy round.

Round 8 - 10-9 De La Hoya, 76-75 same.

De La Hoya landed the biggest shots and was able to push through Whitaker and landed some real solid hooks and straights.

Round 9 - 10-8 Whitaker, 85-84 same

Whitaker was slightly controlling the round with his jab but it was for the taking. Then Whitaker landed a short left uppercut which brought Oscar down to one knee. 10-8 round for Whitaker, he leads on my card.

Round 10 - 10-9 De La Hoya, 94-94

Very good round from Oscar. He boxed Whitaker and countered him very well and got in some very good flurries of big hooks and straights. Strong round from Oscar.

Round 11 - 10-9 Whitaker, 104-103

This round, De La Hoya couldn't box Whitaker as effectively. Whitaker was too quick and landed some sharp left hand straights and left uppercuts inside. On my scorecard, De La Hoya needs a knockdown to win the fight.

Round 12 - 10-9 Whitaker, 114-112

Final Scorecard: 114-112 Pernell Whitaker

Whitaker's face summed it up when he heard the scorecards of 115-111, 116-110, and 116-110. Those scorecards are atrocious. In my eyes, Whitaker won a close fight that I could see going either way. The way I score fights is whoever is controlling the fight, fighting their fight, and landing the cleaner, effective punches, wins. In my eyes, that was Pernell Whitaker over 12 rounds. But I could see a 114-112 for Oscar De La Hoya and maybe a 115-111. But two scorecards of 116-110 is just blasphemy too me. I've always liked fighters out of the Sweet Pea's mold and I generally score in their favor. For me, this was a win for Whitaker but a very close fight with bizarre scorecards.

Sound off in the comments on how you scored it, what you thought about the scorecards, and what fight you'd like to see covered next.

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