The Hypocrisy of Mayweather Fighting at a Catch-weight

The announcement that Canelo and Floyd Mayweather will be fighting on Sept. 14th is unquestionably a welcome one, but the issue I have with this fight is how everyone is getting caught up in the excitement of it all and completely disregarding Mayweather's previous statements about his feelings towards catch-weight fights.

To anyone that doesn't know, which I'm sure is nobody at this point, Mayweather and Canelo will be fighting at a catch-weight of 152 pounds, 2 pounds below what Canelo normally fights at. Why this is important is because this is exactly what Manny Pacquiao made Cotto do when the two fought each other, electing to fight at 145 - 2 pounds below the welterweight limit.

In the build-up to Mayweather's fight with Cotto, Mayweather was very critical of this move and went as far as to say that the loss Cotto suffered at the hands of Pacquiao didn't even count. Here's an excerpt from an interview he did with which was summarized by ESPN UK.

"You have a guy Miguel Cotto. He has two losses, but one of his losses is to a guy at a catch-weight, where he wasn't 100%," Mayweather told"

"And you have another loss to a guy [Antonio Margarito] who was caught cheating in the sport. I'm [thinking] that I'm facing a guy who's undefeated."

"He faced Antonio Margarito, a guy who everybody said I was scared of, and he got caught cheating. Now you got Manny Pacquiao, a guy who fought Miguel Cotto at a catch-weight."

"So you have one guy who cheating and one guy who fought at a catch-weight. I wanted to fight Miguel Cotto at 154lbs [light-middleweight] because I wanted to fight the best Miguel Cotto."

"So now what do we have going on? We have Mayweather doing the exact same thing with Canelo, forcing him to take a fight 2 lbs below what he normally fights at."

Now I don't have a problem with this but I find it pretty funny that Mayweather is doing the exact same thing that he criticized Pacquiao so heavily for doing. I realize that this is the fight business and people will say anything to sell tickets but this is a bit of a stretch I would think even for most. How can you save face by pulling this type of move, especially considering you're just over a year removed from making these comments?

Floyd has always been the guy to fight people at their weight when he's moving up. In doing so he's able to state that he's fought his opponents at their best. In a way it sucks to see him throw that feather in his cap away over 2 pounds.

It's going to be interesting seeing how the Mayweather fans try to spin this one. The catch-weight argument has been one that has been beaten to death by pro-Mayweather fans when arguing with Pacquiao fans. For right now it seems that this will no longer be a point that the Mayweather fans can point to. More importantly, it's going to have to be something they're accepting of when just a day ago they probably despised it.

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