Have we ever gave Mayweather a fair and square shake?

Since yesterday breaking news of Floyd vs Canelo happening a lot of people have brought the "catchweight" thing in to the mix, and I just want to share my humble and personal opinion as neutral as I can be, giving the fact that I'm a fan of both guys.

First of all let's talk about the weight, it's signed at 152, I´m gonna be honest with you guys I really wanted the fight to happen at 154 but I really don't have a problem with 152, you ask me why? here is why:

1) The fight is not done at 147, so you can´t say that Floyd has all the advantages.

2) The halfway between these divisions is 150.5, It would´ve been a fair thing for both to fight at this halfway but Floyd didn't force Canelo at 150.5, and before you say something, Yes I know, Floyd has fought 2 times on the 154 limit, but to be honest and to tell you the truth as I perceive it, Cotto was never a legit Jr. Middeweight, and De la Hoya was on his way to retirement.

3) According to rumours from both camps before the fight was signed, Chepo Reynoso declared himself and from his own mouth that team Canelo was offering a catchweight of 151, and Floyd didn't want it, This doesn't seem like the truth giving the fact that now the fight is signed at 152.

4) 152 is closer to 154 than 147, So I think It's a fair deal giving the fact that Canelo is a huge Jr. Middeweight and enters the ring very heavy.

5) 154 would've been the ideal weight but like I said, you gotta take the fact that Floyd has never fought a guy as heavier as Alvarez.

In my personal opinion Floyd has been at elite level so long but he never gets the credit he deserves. I really think Mayweather will win this but the fact is that Floyd hasn't fought a tough challenge like this since the De la Hoya fight. I think now is the time for giving Mayweather a fair shake and to start to believe in him as An All Time Great and hopefully by the end of his career as the "Greatest boxer of all Time",

I won't get into deep details of the faded Floyd vs Pacquiao fight that never happened, but I think now is more of a cristal clear why the fight didn't happened and you can't blame Floyd for that fight not happening, It's funny how Arum is out of the way and now the fight that every one including me thought that was not gonna happen is signed.

To conclude this I will say something I really feel, Canelo is a bigger threat than any version of Pacquiao, like I said it's just my humble opinion, you can do your homework and get your conlusions.. Let the man be respected for what he's accomplished on the sport and props to him for takin on a very risky and dangerous fight for him. And just to make it interesting and see everyones thoughts check the poll to see what you really think of this challenge.

From a humble and loyal boxing fan, regards, may the best man and the fans win

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