The current P4P rankings according to RingTV and ESPN!

I want to talk about RingTV's P4P rankings and ESPN's.

RingTV (4/22/13) & ESPN (5/7/13)

ESPN's rankings will be in parentheses

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Floyd Mayweather Jr.)
  2. Andre Ward (Andre Ward)
  3. Juan Manuel Marquez (Juan Manuel Marquez)
  4. Sergio Martinez (Manny Pacquiao)
  5. Adrien Broner (Sergio Martinez)
  6. Manny Pacquiao (Guillermo Rigondeaux)
  7. Wladimir Klitschko (Wladimir Klitschko)
  8. Robert Guerrero (Nonito Donaire)
  9. Timothy Bradley (Timothy Bradley)
  10. Nonito Donaire (Abner Mares)

The top 3 are the same so I want to focus on 4 through 10.

#4 Manny or Sergio? I can see why ESPN placed Manny at number 4 after Sergio's less than stellar performance against Murray. Since the Sergio fight happened after RingTV's current ranking they might drop Sergio to #5 as well.

#5 Broner or Sergio? I'm going to have to side with ESPN on this one. Even though Broner is impressive and has talent that is undeniable, I believe Sergio has done more to earn the #5 spot than Broner. There are certain people I want to see Broner beat before I put him anywhere near the top 5 P4P list.

#6 Manny vs Rigondeaux? Since I place Manny higher than #6 ESPN giving Rigondeux the #6 spot is not a bad thing. But then it begs the question of whether or not he should be ranked higher than Wladimir?

#7 They both agree on this one.

#8 Guerrero vs Donaire? I don't agree with RingTV on this one. I do have a feeling that Guerrero's stock will drop for RingTV once they update their rankings. Sure Guerrero beat Berto and Aydin, but I think most people knew that he was nowhere near Floyd's level. Since Guerrero was the mandatory he got the fight he wanted then outclassed in the ring. I would place Donaire at the the eight spot before even thinking about Guerrero.

#9 They both agree on this one.

#10 Donaire vs Mares? This one is very tricky, but since RingTV has Rigondeaux didn't even crack their top 10 list I disagree with them giving Donaire the #10 spot. Rigondeaux outclassed Donaire while giving him a boxing lesson, and if Donaire is #10 then Rigondeux has to at least be #9 and get Guerrero off of that list. Mares' victory was impressive and I can see why ESPN gave him the #10 spot, but for me if I had to place him I would say #11 or tied for #10 with Donaire.

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