Mayweather-Khan Would Be My Choice for Floyd's Next Fight

There's no other established, credible British star below 168 that could make a fight with Floyd Mayweather one of the biggest events on both sides of the pond. Amir Khan is what he is at this point in his career, a lightening fast combination puncher with great potential and a questionable chin to go along with question defensive intelligence. Roy Jones once said Khan had the style best suited to beat Floyd Mayweather and at the time of Khan's success (a good bit of 2011) I had serious questions about Mayweather dealing with a guy like Amir Khan.

I've been a Khan detractor in the past but after getting sparked by Danny Garcia and having his world seemingly crumble to his feet I've grown more sympathetic toward Amir, dare I say I sort of root for his comeback.

Johnny Nelson wants Floyd Mayweather to fight Kell Brook but what's the logic in that? Khan brings more money, Khan is under the same promotional umbrella, and Amir Khan has a better argument to make as to why he should fight Floyd Mayweather in the UK than Kell Brook does who by the way has yet to challenge and win his first world title or even face someone in the top ten in the world at 147lbs.

Kell Brook does not deserve a fight with Floyd Mayweather, especially if you factor in Devon Alexander, Timothy Bradley, or Andre Berto not getting their chance at the Pound 4 Pound champion. So no Kell Brook has to earn his shot, just because Floyd might fight in the UK doesn't mean you just give any British welterweight a shot. In that case I suppose Denton Vassell, Frankie Gavin, and Lee Purdy deserve a shot at Floyd Mayweather as Kell Brook. Brook is the best welterweight in Great Britain but we have yet to find out whether or not he's one of the best welterweights in the world. At least Amir Khan and can claim that at one time he was the best junior welterweight in the world, and is still one of the top ten best at 140.

If this fight does happen and I really hope it does before Floyd thinks about fighting Canelo, it would put to bed any news of bad PPV numbers coming out of last Saturday's clash with Robert Guerrero. Khan has a fan base whereas Robert Guerrero is basically a really good fighter who unfortunately know one really cares about inside the ring.

The conventional pick among boxing fans and media is Mayweather-Alvarez but I just don't see the need to push that fight right now.


September ?, 2013

Wembley Stadium

This fight would sell out Wembley Stadium, what do you guys think? Should Golden Boy make Mayweather-Khan or Mayweather-Canelo next?

Me personally I just believe Khan would be the better option and I would give Floyd a real hard time. Maybe not beat him, but I don't see Amir Khan getting wiped out like some people are saying he would.

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