Coining A New Boxing Term: Assistance Required

In Scott's piece No. 1: Does Floyd Mayweather really want the job, or just the title? he wrote the following:

"Floyd takes a look at the Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez fights last year, and says, "See? I told you Pacquiao can't beat me, and now we all know that." That doesn't mean people were wrong to want to see the two best fighters in the sport for a good, long while face off. And it doesn't mean they shouldn't have. And it certainly doesn't mean that Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao."

I thought this was an interesting insight: One boxer claiming victory over another based upon not actually fighting him but on how they performed against similar foes.

The first thought that popped in my head when I saw this headline a couple days later - Julio Cesar Chavez Jr challenges Martin Murray for August 3 - was that JCCJr wanted to be able to state a similar victory over Sergio Martinez if their rematch never came to fruition and he beat/did better against Murray.

As I think this phenomenon may become a trend in professional boxing a term should be coined to describe it.

I'm not that good at this sort of thing, especially with the snappy wording that is required, but I think the folks at BLH, many of whom are much more clever than I, can assist.

I would define what Scott described as: To suggest victory over an opponent in a fight that never occurred due to winning/doing better against a mutual opponent.

My opening suggestions for a term are:

  • Absentee Victory
  • VBP (Victory By Presumption)

That's all I got. Anyone help out? Suggestions welcome for the definition and the term.

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