Shane Mosley open to Broner - Malignaggi winner or Anthony Mundine

Ethan Miller

Fresh off a win over fringe contender Pablo Cesar Cano at welterweight, Shane Mosley says he is open to facing the winner of the Adrien Broner - Paulie Malignaggi showdown or even Anthony Mundine at junior middle.

Despite retiring after dropping a decision to Canelo Alvarez last May and having not won a fight for four years, Shane Mosley suddenly finds himself with some options for his immediate future after battling his way to a close decision victory over Pablo Cesar Cano. It wasn't always pretty but Mosley outfought Cano down the stretch in what was a surprisingly somewhat fast-paced bout. The win has given Mosley, a familiar name to mainstream sports fans, valuable attention from others in the sport after almost being left for dead.

The main potential fight being mentioned for Mosley later in the year has been facing the winner of the welterweight clash between Adrien Broner and Paulie Malignaggi. Broner is the clear favorite despite moving up two weight classes, and would seemingly love to have a name like Mosley's on his resume. Fighting Mosley after the light-punching Malignaggi would be an effective way of acclimating Broner to 147 pounds while also matching him with familiar names to entice mainstream fans. Strategery.

Another possible option for Mosley is a fight with junior middleweight Anthony Mundine. Yes, that Anthony Mundine. Reportedly, Mosley has been offered a fight with Mundine.

Via World Boxing News, here is what Mosley had to say about his options:

"I am not sure (on the Mundine fight) as I have to weigh up my options," Mosley said.

"If a title shot at 147 is in my near future I don't know which one I pick. A fight at 154 for a couple of million or another title on the main stage (at welterweight). If I could do both it would be great.

"Right now, everybody in America is talking the winner of Paulie and Adrien Broner being that Paulie almost lost to Cano and I just beat him. We will just have to wait and see what happens."

Not sure if Mundine wants him to come to Australia or what exactly. Mosley mentions it being millions for the fight so that's what I would guess. Personally, I have no interest in him facing Mundine. Can't say I'm very whelmed to see him in the ring with Broner though. I wasn't exactly thrilled to see P.S. I Love You either but, you know, sometimes you just have to make sacrifices to get to the better things in the future and all.

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