Early Summer Rankings: Light Heavyweight, P4P, Junior Middleweight, Super Middleweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Chad Dawson and Jose Lopez

Criteria: I don't recognize "Super" and "Regular" status for champions, nor do I recognize Champions Emeritus or Interim titles. If a fighter has fought in a certain division more recently than his usual weight class I rank that fighter based on that recent performance. For example in my rankings last year I recognized Robert Guerrero as the WBC champion at 147 pounds and Floyd Mayweather as the WBA champion at 154 pounds given the fact that despite holding the full WBC title Floyd had failed to defend that title at welterweight for more than two years.

Pound for Pound:

1. Floyd Mayweather (WBC/The Ring, 147)

2. Andre Ward (WBA/The Ring, 168)

3. Wladimir Klitschko (WBA/WBO/IBF/IBO/The Ring, 200+)

4. Juan Manuel Marquez

5. Guillermo Rigondeaux (WBO/WBA/The Ring, 122)

6. Timothy Bradley Jr. (WBO, 147)

7. Danny Garcia (WBA/WBC/The Ring, 140)

8. Carl Froch (IBF, 168)

9. Bernard Hopkins (IBF, 175)

10. Sergio Martinez (WBC/The Ring, 160)

Light Heavyweight:

1. Adonis Stevenson (WBC/The Ring)

2. Bernard Hopkins (IBF)

3. Jean Pascal

4. Nathan Cleverly (WBO)

5. Chad Dawson

6. Tavoris Cloud

7. Sergey Kovalev

8. Beibut Shumenov (WBA)

9. Tony Bellew

10. Isaac Chilemba

Junior Middleweight:

1. Saul Alvarez (WBA/WBC/The Ring)

2. Austin Trout

3. Erislandy Lara

4. Miguel Cotto

5. Ishe Smith

6. Carlos Molina

7. Vanes Martisroysan

8. Alfredo Angulo

9. Demetrius Andrade

10. Gabriel Rosado

Super Middleweight:

1. Andre Ward (WBA/The Ring)

2. Carl Froch (IBF)

3. Mikkel Kessler

4. Robert Stieglitz (WBO)

5. Arthur Abraham

6. Sakio Bika

7. Thomas Oosthuizen (IBO)

8. George Groves

9. James DeGale

10. Edwin Rodriguez


1. Ricky Burns (WBO)

2. Miguel Vasquez (IBF)

3. Richard Abril (WBA)

4. Yuriorkis Gamboa

5.Antonio DeMarco

6. Sharif Bogere

7. Gavin Rees

8. Reymundo Beltran

9. Kevin Mitchell

10. Jose Gonzales


1. Floyd Mayweather (WBC/The Ring)

2. Juan Manuel Marquez

3. Timothy Bradley Jr. (WBO)

4. Devon Alexander (IBF)

5. Robert Guerrero

6. Paul Malignaggi (WBA)

7. Andre Berto

8. Kell Brook

9. Marcos Rene Maidana

10. Manny Pacquiao

Chad Dawson and Jose Lopez:

On the issue of Chad Dawson you know it was kind of hard seeing him knocked out in the first round. I remember Dawson when he dominated a prime pound for pound Tomasz Adamek in 2007 to capture the IBF light heavyweight title. Dawson in my view was the most talented fighter I'd ever seen at that point. I've always been a defender of Chad when those in the boxing community questioned his heart and whether or not he was in love with the game for the right reasons. But the first round demolition following a stoppage loss to Andre Ward at super middleweight causes me to wonder if we'll see "Bad" Chad Dawson in a major fight on HBO ever again.

Chad is the undeniably the most talented light heavyweight in the world still, but he might not be the most mentally strong and he's certainly not the most reliable at the moment in terms of a sure fire win on his behalf. Stevenson was dwarfed by Dawson in every important category except for power, and until the result I had argued on Twitter that power alone cannot defeat skill. That is still the case, power alone cannot defeat skill unless the skilled one makes a fatal error. Did Chad make a fatal error? Well perhaps I mean he got caught, but perhaps ultimately his tendency to switch on and off at crucial moments got him knocked out, as oppose to any technical error.

So where does Chad go from here? One truly cannot say because we're so used to seeing him on HBO or Showtime at age 30, with no belt as his only saving grace because he had no fan base, and two back to back stoppage defeats I wouldn't be surprised if he took a year or two off and seriously retooled his entire boxing life. Chad is 30 but knockouts can turn a 30 year old into a fighter nearing 50. And unless you're Bernard Hopkins that is something you want to avoid.

For all we celebrate about Riverside native Jose Lopez let's keep in mind he's lost back to back in his own right. However unlike Chad Dawson Josesito takes unnecessary punishment as Golden Boy's new sacrificial lamb aka short notice action fighter. Lopez would be well served to box more and brawl less, because this natural 140 pounder is taking it on the chin literally, from guys bigger, stronger, and meaner than him.

The fight with Canelo Alvarez was a tragic example of misguided reward. Lopez got the fight because he upset the apple cart when he made Victor Ortiz quit because of a badly broken jaw. In reality Lopez would have been better had he lost because Alvarez put it on him like white on rice. The monstrously larger Canelo tore holes into Jose and nothing was gained from the outcome.

We all love action fights and action fighters but man Josesito Lopez is warring for a cause in which he loses; that can't be the way a young good looking guy wants to service his prime in the sport of boxing.

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