Chase Corbin interviewed prior to June 28 return

Welterweight prospect Chase Corbin (6-0, 5 KOs) meets Roberto Valenzuela (68-65-2, 55 KOs) on June 28 at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. Find out what's led him to this point and where he plans to go in the future.

Name: Chase "Checkmate" Corbin
Record: 6-0, 5 KOs
Last Fought: 2011-09-30 Alexander Blanco @ National Guard Armory, Philadelphia, PA
Next Fight: 2013-06-28 Roberto Valenzuela @ Doubletree Hotel, Ontario, CA

I'm not big on transcribing interviews that you can listen to for yourself, so I'm going to be concise with the questions and answers and will leave a few interactions out entirely. Don't like it? Too bad... What's important is that you get to learn a little bit about a promising welterweight prospect by the name of Chase Corbin.

After a long layoff and a change of residency, Corbin is back in the ring against the biggest test of his career. His next obstacle, Roberto Valenzuela, 68-65-2, 55 KOs, has far more knockouts than the combined wins of Chase's previous opponents. Corbin has never been past 4 rounds while Valenzuela has gone 12. This fight is a lot to ask for an inexperienced prospect, regardless of Valenzuela's advanced age (40). If Corbin can win and win impressively, the welterweight division should take note.

Bad Left Hook: What have you been doing since you knocked out Alexander Blanco in 28 seconds, 2 years ago?

Chase Corbin: I was incarcerated, dealing with a lot of issues...a lot of family issues...I was incarcerated for old charges...and that's pretty much it. I gained a lot of weight from the incarceration and I'm just now getting my career back to where I think I need to be at.

Bad Left Hook: What caused you to leave Philadelphia?

Chase Corbin: I left Philly because I always knew that when I used to watch all the big fights...all the major fights were in Vegas or Atlantic City, and I knew I didn't want to be in Jersey, so I figured I might as well go and make the jump to Las Vegas. It just so happened it worked out in my favor.

Bad Left Hook: Did you make that jump before or after the incarceration?

Chase Corbin: That was before, way before. I had went home and visited family, and that's when I was incarcerated. Had a fugitive warrant, but everything's great now...finally.

Bad Left Hook: Did you have much of an amateur career?

Chase Corbin: I had about, I want to say 38 amateur fights, I really don't remember now. I know I lost 3 times...I don't really remember the amateurs too much. I was horrible as an amateur to be honest, I just got away with a lot of stuff because I was fast and I was tall.

Bad Left Hook: Your birth name is Troy, right?

Chase Corbin: Yea, Troy Luis.

Bad Left Hook: How long have you gone by Chase?

Chase Corbin: Over 10 years...probably 15 years.

Bad Left Hook: What do you know about your opponent Roberto Valenzuela?

Chase Corbin: I know he's fought everybody, a veteran of the game. He's fought everybody from Steve Forbes, Zahir Raheem twice, Andre Berto, Jose Luis Castillo (also twice)...he fought everybody, a lot of champions...I pretty much know he's a veteran. I'm not really worried about that; I'm pretty confident in my strength and my power (and) my skills that I can beat him. He took some losses...he's just as good at winning as he is at losing...he's got about 130 pro fights (135 according to BoxRec).

Bad Left Hook: This card you're fighting on is promoted by Thompson Boxing Promotions; are you signed with them?

Chase Corbin: I don't know anything about Thompson Promotions.

Bad Left Hook: Is there anybody that you're with?

Chase Corbin: I've got a manager. My manager is Jared Weiss...I actually just signed with him. So far I'm happy...financially I'm fine.

Bad Left Hook: The last time Roberto Valenzuela was seen on US television was last year against Dmitriy Salita. Salita took him out in 4 rounds. Will you do better?

Chase Corbin: I think so. I'm confident I will...I'm going to take him out, less than 2. I don't know Salita. I don't know how hard he can punch. I do know somebody that sparred him before...the guy's durable (talking about Valenzuela again), you've got to remember he's a veteran...he knows the tricks of the trade to survive, but, I'm like a shark with blood in the water...if I can smell his fear or I know I've got him hurt, I'm coming right at you. I'm not the type of fighter that backs up or works on defense first...I come and do what I want to do and then I make adjustments as we go along.

Bad Left Hook: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Chase Corbin: Hopefully a world champion at 147. I want to at least be a champion at 147 making my way to 154.

Bad Left Hook: Can Philadelphia still claim you as one of their world champions?

Chase Corbin: Oh yea, I'm from there. My family's still there. The only people that came here to Vegas with me were my brother and my cousin, and my son. But my immediate family is still in Philadelphia. I'm still a Philadelphia fighter. I still will be a Philadelphia's just that my residence will be in Las Vegas...I love Vegas, but Philly made.

Bad Left Hook: Alright, good luck on June 28th at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, CA. If you ever come back to Philly I'll try to be ringside to see you again. Are there any final statements that you want to make?

Chase Corbin: I've got to thank my publicist Amy Green. I've got to thank my trainer Jeff Mayweather, my manager Jared Weiss, my co-manager Rick Dillard, and just my whole family for supporting me and allowing me to get back in the ring...the whole Mayweather gym, and that's pretty much it.

Bad Left Hook: Thanks for the interview. You can find it on


Update: It was later learned that it's actually All Star Boxing Promotions that are promoting this event.


Ryan Bivins is a staff writer for BadLeftHook. You can contact him on twitter (@sweetboxing) or through email (

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